Special covers: Vampire Academy

Hey guys, today is the last post of the Vampire Academy. I though it would be fun to see the covers around the world. So I’ll put them and the order of the series.

Lets start with the US covers.

At first they used to be like this, but when they we’re about to launch Blood Promise some changes we’re made, and now you can find them like this.

The UK version created their own covers, but using the originals american as a base.


And from Holand we have beautiful covers, but I don’t think they fit this series.

From Italy, shocking covers.

 From Bulgary, beautiful and strange, still don’t know if I liked.

From Portugal, i loved frostbite…

 From Japan we have mangas covers.

 Greece covers. Can you understand anything? Is like they’re speaking greek, rsrs.

 Swistzerland covers are special and different.

  And now Germany covers.

From Coreia we have doble cover.

Russia brings beauty.

From Turkey.

That’s all people, hope you liked.
See ya next post.

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