Review: Once Upon a Wedding Night by Sophie Jordan

Once Upon a Wedding Night by Sophie Jordan
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Paperback, 384 pages
Read: 9/25/2011 – 9/26/2011
Release Date:
August 1st 2006

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Why I Started This Book:

I was searching to buy Firelight on the internet when discover that Sophie has a great number of books published in historical romance area and couldn’t let it pass a oportunity to by the two of them. I’ve read him really fast. Both in one weekend and this week reviews are both for Sophie Jordan books.


An Innocent Deception . . .

Lady Meredith Brookshire has every right to Oak Run. Now that she’s suddenly husbandless and penniless, where else would she, her addled father, and spinster aunt reside? Yet who should appear but Nicholas Caulfield, the new Brookshire heir, claiming the estate is rightfully his by law. The brute is as arrogant as he is handsome-besides, he’s supposed to be dead. And the only plan resourceful Meredith can devise to save her family from homelessness is a desperate scheme that may lead her to salvation or ruin . . . and the bed of the man she has vowed to hate.

A reluctant aristocrat, Nick does not trust this fiery, infuriating chit whom he suspects of subterfuge-yet who bewitches him with her innocent green eyes. The sooner he can get this tempting beauty married off to some stodgy old blueblood-and off his hands for good-the better. There is one slight problem, however:
Nick can’t bear the thought of her wedding any man but him. 


  • Lady Meredith Brookshire
  • Nicholas Caulfield 

My Thoughts:

The book begins with Lady Meredith Brookshire discovering that her recently dead husband has left her with nothing and his half-brother is suppose to be the new Earl of Brookshire. Since she doesn’t have a heir, everything that has been her home belongs to someone else.
Her husband has never been a true gentleman and she fears that his brother will kick her and her family on the street, so the only way she can stay there is if she has a son, the new Earl. The problem is her husband has never been to her bed chambers.
Meredith start a plot by pretending to be pregnant, and when the time comes she’ll adopt a orphan baby, because is the only way she can save her family from living on the street, since she belives Nicholas Caulfield is exactly like his brother.
Nicholas on the other end has suffered his hole life, and doesn’t want a title sice his father has put his mother and him f his house. He doesn’t have good memories and cant stand the thought to became something like that. He is sucessfull and very rich and by hinself with legal games and has a famous “cassino” in Town. 
When he discovers that Meredith is pregnant and start to have fellings for her, he decides to go back to his old life, since she doesn’t belong to him. 
They start to fight this strange fellings that bouth have but never as faced before, and a cat and mouse game is fun to read, and enjoable. 
I simple loved this book and her writing makes me cheer for Nicholas from begging until the very end. 

You Might Enjoy This Book If:

You like a romance in historical genre, with a guy who suffer in the past and need to discover a way to deal with it in the present. A very strong girl who fights for everything she things deserve.

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