TBR Intervention #7

TBR Intervention is a weekly challenge hosted by  April @ Books4Juliet, Dani @ Refracted Light and Ayanami @ Whatever You Can Still Betray

The goal of this challenge is to help each other (fellow readers and bloggers) manage our enormous and constantly growing TBR (To-Be-Read) List. The rules are simple and everyone is encouraged to participate. It does not force you to commit to more than what you can manage to read in a week or so, but participants are encouraged to read at least one book within a week. You are free to choose the book you want to read and commit to this challenge. You may post your entry every Saturday, at the frequency of your choice–EVERY WEEK or EVERY TWO WEEKS. However, we will sponsor this event regularly every Saturday. 


By Julie Rowe

This is a short book with only 50000 words and a great read, finished in one day, and seams like the time flow while I was reading. Loved some points and would definily read again. Is set in Antartida and this is already impressive, I don’t know about you guys but this is first one around there in my reading list. Emilie is overcoming some grief and sadness for her husband death, so she decides to jump in a work on North Pole. She met great people and Tom, a guy with a dark past. Loved how they together discovered some way to fight with their shadows of dark memories. Already finished my review, but will only be posted on December 22, sorry!

Love Blooms in Winter (The Dakota Diaries #1)
Author: Lori Copeland
Publication Date: January 1st 2012
Published By: Harvest House Publishers
Genre/Category: Romance

Summary on Goodreads:
A romantic new book from bestselling author Lori Copeland that portrays God’s miraculous provision even when none seems possible.
1892?Mae Wilkey’s sweet next-door neighbor, Pauline, is suffering from old age and dementia and desperately needs family to come help her. But Pauline can’t recall having kin remaining. Mae searches through her desk and finds a name—Tom Curtis, who may just be the answer to their prayers.
Tom can’t remember an old aunt named Pauline, but if she thinks he’s a long-lost nephew, he very well may be. After two desperate letters from Mae, he decides to pay a visit. An engagement, a runaway train, and a town of quirky, loveable people make for more of an adventure than Tom is expecting. But it is amazing what can bloom in winter when God is in charge of things.
ON MY SHELF SINCE:  November 5th, but the release is in January and I’m trying to work on a schedule for the reviews post (hopefully they will be posted tuesday, thursday and saturday).
WHY I CHOOSE THIS BOOK:  I have way to many books, from netgalley for review, so now I’m trying to knock them all down and post some reviews around the release date.



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