The MacGregors Readalong 2012!!!

The MacGregor’s series consists of eight books and some of those books have two or three stories in it, therefore we’re spreading this read along out from January til June which is a long time I know, but there will be a review and discussion every three weeks meaning everyone can read along with us and there’s no rush to read each book and to read anything you like in between!

I know there’s a lot to take in as it’s a rather long read along and there are many books involved so here’s the schedule for you all:

January 17th Review of The MacGregors: Serena & Caine (Playing The Odds; Tempting Fate)
January 18th Serena & Caine discussion all at Swept Away Again!

February 7th Review of The MacGregors: Alan & Grant (Tempting Fate; All The Possibilities)
February 8th Alan & Grant discussion all at Smitten with Reading!

February 28th Review of The MacGregors: Daniel & Ian (For Now, Forever; In From The Cold)
February 29th Daniel & Ian discussion all at Paperback Daydreamer!

March 20th Review of Rebellion
March 21st Rebellion discussion all at The Bookaholic Cat!

April 10th Review of The MacGregor Brides
April 11th The MacGregor Brides discussion all at Swept Away Again!

May 1st Review of The Winning Hand
May 2nd The Winning Hand discussion all at Smitten with Reading!

May 22nd Review of The MacGregor Grooms
May 23rd The MacGregor Grooms discussion all at Paperback Daydreamer!

June 12th Review of The Perfect Neighbour
June 13th The Perfect Neighbour discussion all at The Bookaholic Cat!
Christi Snow  from Smitten with Reading, Ally from Swept Away Again, Deanna from Paperback Daydreamer and Marcela from The Bookaholic Cat will all take a turn at reviewing a book and holding a discussion of the book on the following day.

I first bought this series when Harlequin Brazil released on the Duette and loved. This was my firsts books from Nora Roberts and since them I’ve feel in love with her creations. Reread this will be tons of fun.


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