Review: Holiday Flirts! by Lisa Scott

imageTitle: Holiday Flirts!
Author: Lisa Scott
Format Read: 
ebook for the tour
Series: Flirts! Collection #2
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Romance
Release date: November 2nd 2011
Formats Available:  ebook, kindle
Number of pages: 102



Book Blurb:

Get in the holiday spirit with these funny, sweet romantic short stories. Discover the loose thread that connects the five stories and ties up in a perfect happy ending, bringing together characters from all the stories. 8,000 to 12,000 words in length each, these fun and sexy shorts are the perfect length for your lunch break.

My Thoughts:

Spooked By Love

imageMarnie James has been divorced for a short time and don’t want to be dumped again so she never been on a date after being single again. But everything changes when she meets a hot single daddy at her daughter’s Halloween party.

But there’s a catch, he’s only looking for fun! So while starting a new carrier she discover that have a date can be fun, especially after they keep meeting on different places at all time.

Very fun story that shows all the perks for going out after a disappointment.

Holiday Rush

imageLindy Richards is trying to be all glamorous in her life, she has the perfect job as a manger on a chick boutique, but when her tights suffered a disaster encounter with the car door, she decided to jump on Save Land for a quick exchange and continue on her way to a blind date.

There’s a problem, she caught stuck on the changing room after closing time and worst of all, since she never managed to show on her date neither at home, her roommate called the police as missing person.

but when she was found on Save Land everything on her life changed upside down and I was really sad for her, but Lindy is very strong and managed to make the best of it all.

Missing Christmas

imageGinny is starting to feel homesick after moving from her family home with her boyfriend for another state. Everything is great for him, but she doesn’t have a job yet and is really boring stay at home on Christmas.

Her family has a Christmas tradition and for her to miss everything and stay home alone is even harder. Her boyfriend is great and was so sweet and understanding with her that makes this a sad and sweet story.

When he made the perfect Christmas for her and tried to make her see that everything could be perfect if they learned to change some habits.

Tingle All The Way

imageJessica lost her mother close to Christmas when she was no more than a baby and after that everything was different. Her father didn’t celebrate so she never really bought all those happy memories that her friends speak about. But when a stranger trying to break in her neighbor window Christmas Eve and Jessica finds herself stuck with strange feelings toward a kids beliefs on Santa Klaus.

I liked this story especially because Jessica is Lindy’s sister (from Holiday Rush) and when can two different POVs from the same memory. Also the stranger helped a lot on Jessica search for the perfect Christmas.

Giving Up Guys

imageThis story is about a group of friends, actually Ginny friends (from Missing Christmas). There are three girls tired from guys and their bad relationships so on New Years Eve they made a promise to don’t have a date until Valentines Day. To make all more easier they also decided to learn new things.

So Claire decides to learn Scuba diving but after a few lessons she gets dumped from class for not knowing how to properly swim and takes consolation on a bar. Every week she goes and meet a sweet bartender.

Lori takes upholstery class and suddenly finds herself with feelings for the sexy teacher, so they start to date, even if is “against” the rules. He doesn’t know about the promise.

Harper takes the easy way and joins belly dancing class, since no man ever learns this, she finds it easier than everything else, but what she doesn’t know is that this time there’s a man in class, because of a bet. And they started some private lessons, but no dates, because he knew about the promise.

The best part is when the girls meet on Valentines. Best story of the book for me.

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