March: Dreaming on it!


This is my first post on this feature and I’m so excited to start something new, yes!!
So March has some amazing books out, unfortunely for me the days only have 24 hours and is impossible to buy everything because definily not a rich girl here. LOL
I’ll make a list of my Top Ten and will highlight some series that are very good, but I haven’t started, yet. Here are my choices:
image10 – I love this series. One of the few that I actually read all books released until today, still need to review them (my bad). Is about three races with different abilities that are bound to protect the humans against the awful Synestryn. And these great men suffer because their body holds a gigantic amount of magic, and they are always in pain, only their soul mates can release and use their magic. But their women are dying and they try to find some way to save the humans and themselves also. 
This is book six and I recommend read them in order, because the characters them to return later to help in other battles. 
image9 – A romance will always be part of my list and this one does looks good. NetGalley provided this for me and on March I’ll read it. The summary talks about a friendship of two girls from different worlds. But it does sounds like sweet and fluffy.
Plus: don’t you want to eat this cover? Yummy!!
image8 – I know this one is not from the same author, but the characters are still the same and discover what Cassie is fighting on this new development. And I love the TV show, even knowing things are so different on the books.
image7 –  A novella from the amazing series Goddess Test, so yeah of course is on the list. And this one is about the vacation spent on Europe, enjoying her free six months.
image6 – Book three on this series but you can also read as a stand alone. Some handsome, good talented man from Riley Family is definily worth buying, only if just to ogle these amazing covers. You want a plus: they’re so romantic and sweet.
This book is about Jenna, the little sister in the family and since she works at a sports bar, it looks like she will meet a hokey player. Sounds like fun, right?
image5 – I first this book on the DAC and loved the summary. It’s about a girl who moves from state with her mother and joins a prep school for rich kids, so she start stealing from them and giving to the poor. Crazy, right?
image4 – Can you tell by this cover what the book is all about? Angels!! First in a series and I’m actually really excited to read about this girl discovering that she needs to save the world and it’s a very old battle and she has to fight for humanity against the vengeful angels.
image3 – I’ve read the first book on this series and loved the characters, plus there’s a werewolf naked in some part of the book. Better already right? This was actually a great surprise series for me and after this discovered other great book from Patricia.
image2 – Thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin I already have a arc and will happily read it on March and of course post a review for you guys. Can’t wait to actually read about this Persephone person. Don’t like her already. LOL
image1- If you ever read any Black Dagger book, you know why he’s my #1. 
This is Tohr book and we followed as he struggled to find a reason a go back to the one we love. So I can’t wait to see if the girl J.R. picked for him is really worth it.
Some extra books worth mention:
Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Pregnancy & Passion, #3)Maya Banks series Pregnancy & Passion will release the third installment, Tempted by her Innocent Kiss. I’ve read and can honestly say that is a good book, if you like romance and follow this series, go for it!
FeverI read a review for this book on All Things Urban Fantasy and love it. Never read anything from Joan Swan but this book brings the very best: Alpha Male and there is some spicy scenes also. First in a new series so seams like will be hearing a lot from it. 

Hot Under Pressure (Rising Star Chef #3)
Never read anything from this series and still have them on my wish list, you want to know why? If I bought them they will definily be the next TBR and right now I have a way to big pile to tumble down. So when I manage to find more time this will be #1 in my buying list.

Vampire's Kiss (The Watchers, #2)

Since Isle of Night was released last year I’ve been keeping an eye on this series. The summary sounds really good but this one is still one my wish list. Is about vampires and humans training to work with them. Hopefully I’ll buy them soon.