Review: The Winning Hand by Nora Roberts

The Winning Hand (Silhouette Special Edition #1202 - reprint)

The Winning Hand by Nora Roberts 

The MacGregors #9
Publisher: Silhouette
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0373239955
Genre: Romance
Release date: September 20th 2011
Number of pages: 243
Add it: Goodreads



Book Blurb:

In one extraordinary moment, Darcy Wallace was transformed from being down-on-her-luck into a millionaire sharing candlelight dinners with Robert MacGregor Blade. Mac was the most seductive man she ever met — though he certainly wasn’t the marrying kind. But Darcy was feeling lucky…So with searching kisses and aching vulnerability, the innocent beauty set about making the stubborn bachelor see that love was the biggest gamble — and he was going to have to ante up!

My Thoughts:

I loved this book and is another reason why Nora Roberts can really write. Mac is a great guy but like any male he thinks being a bachelor is the best thing for him at the age of 30, and lets face it he lives in Las Vegas and is responsible for the hotel there.


Darcy has suffered a lot and doesn’t know much in life about love, so it was interesting seeing this two find each other and at the same time try to understand new feelings and change their lives forever by choosing the right thing.


Darcy won almost 2 millions mostly for pure luck, but I believe and that’s how Nora picture it for me, Darcy won more than just money. She won the MacGregors, a huge family where love is the most important thing. She faced her fears and left some bad parts of her life behind. Plus she started a new career, what she really desired in the first place.


Mac is handsome, great guy, rich and loving. Could a girl want anything more?

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