Review: Retreat Hell! She just got here by Heather Long


Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #2)


Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here by Heather Long

e-ARC provided by the author for a review
Always a Marine #1
Publisher: Decadent Publishing, LLC
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: April 21st 2012
Number of pages: 50
Add it: Goodreads

Book Blurb:

She’s one of the few…

Jazz has been one of the guys for over a decade, serving her country with distinction, but she longs to explore her femininity, to be desired as a woman, to flirt, cavort and fulfill every sexual desire. When her mother, of all people, signs her up for a 1Night Stand, she’s not sure whether to be exhilarated or pissed. She flew all the way to Las Vegas on the promise of a total escape, to be Jasmine for just one night, because tomorrow, she plans to re-up for another five years.

They’re two of the proud…

Logan Cavanaugh grew up across the street from his best friend and ‘brother’ Zach Evans. Inseparable, the two shared everything until a year before when an IED attack took out the Humvee they traveled in with Colonel Dexter. Zach suffered a concussion, but Logan’s injuries were far more extensive. After a year of physical therapy, he can walk, but he’ll never run or love a woman again, or so he fears. Logan seemed ready to accept his impotence until Zach came home. Now the ‘brothers’ are in Vegas to meet the perfect woman, the woman who can heal Logan’s confidence and masculinity.

They’re all Marines…
They’ve shared everything, but will one night be enough?

My Thoughts:

This book is more intense than the first in this series. There’s ménage. But we could all she how nicely treated the story is handled.


Jazz is trying to feel more feminine and decided to have an 1 Night stand with her most desired fantasy. Two men pleasing her and making her feel sexy and the best women in the world. She’s a Marine and is used to deal with men all day.


Logan is trying to make his friend Zach feel alive after an incident with and IED. They had a few threesomes before and now Zach is having problems to go back to his sexual life after years of fisicoteraphy.


I loved how Jazz understood the emotions and feelings going on the date and tried to make things better and funnier. Logan is the best friend ever by helping his friend. Zach really needed this night and everything was perfect and really sexy. Loved.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Once her man, always her man
#2 – Retreat Hell!! She just got here


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