Review: Dante’s Ultimate Gamble by Day LeClaire

Dante's Ultimate GambleTitle: Dante’s Ultimate Gamble
Author:  Day LeClaire
Series: Dante Legacy
Publisher:  Silhouette Books
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0373730306
Genre: Romance
Release date: June 8th 2010
Number of pages: 184


Mr. June: Luc Dante, take-no-prisoners bachelor


His Vow: Avoid the Dante Inferno…at all costs


His Destiny: Watching over the one woman who can make him burn


Only family obligation could have forced him to play babysitter to heiress Tea de Luca. But when Luc felt the heat of the Dante Inferno, undeniable passion quickly propelled them into bed. It was supposed to be for just six weeks…until their families found out. Dante duty had Luc agreeing to a wedding–but would he ever accept Tea as his destined love?

My Thoughts


This was a great book and I loved Tea. She’s fun, a little lost and more than intelligent, but she made Luc fall to his knees.


Luc is the security time in the Dante diamonds and now he was kinda blackmailed by his grandmother to keep save Tea de Luca, she’s a friend of the family and he doesn’t want to work following a spoiled girl, but discovered that she’s very different and family is important to her.


I liked how Luc handled the crazy life that Tea was trying to jungle and he also discovered the stealing happening in her business, plus the sexy scenes were really good and hot.


Books in this Series

#1 – Dante’s Blackmailed Bride

#2 – Dante’s Stolen Wife

#3 – Dante’s Wedding Deception

#4 – Dante’s Contract Marriage

#5 – Dante’s Ultimate Gamble

#6 – Dante’s Temporary Fiancée

#7 – Dante’s Marriage Pact

#8 – Dante’s Honor-Bound Husband

#9 – Becoming Dante (Expected publication: November 2012 by Harlequin)



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