Doin’ it Dirty Read-a-Thon Goals



Tomorrow I have another read-a-thon, but this one is very fast and Naughty. I’ll be reading from noon CST to midnight CST. Only erotica books are allowed so I dusted a few old ebooks that were waiting on TBR pile and jumped on board.




  • Finish one book or 300 pages.
  • Write the review and scheduled for finished book.


I selected one series and will try to read two from them.
    1. Claimed by Evangeline Anderson
    2. Hunted by Evangeline Anderson
    3. Sought by Evangeline Anderson
    4. Found by Evangeline Anderson
    5. Revealed by Evangeline Anderson


    Will be on goodreads and Twitter, plus a wrap-up post on Saturday.


    4 thoughts on “Doin’ it Dirty Read-a-Thon Goals

    1. Oh! I should have made part of my goal "to get the review written in a REASONABLE amount of time!" haha. You picked a good series! I've heard she's awesome 🙂 I'll have to check back to your reviews and see what you thought!Good Luck!Tabby @Insightful MindsCheck out my – Doin' It Dirty Goals! (:

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