Review: Victoria’s Secret Life by Laura Ashton

Victoria's Secret Life (Sensual Awakenings, #3)Title: Victoria’s Secret Life
Author:  Laura Ashton
Series: Sensual Awakening
Publisher:  Siren Bookstrand Inc
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: June 15th 2010
Number of pages: 120



Victoria’s life is crap, working in a grubby men’s club, prancing around naked in front of howling hard core roosters. Even worse, she’s the on again off again plaything of the owner of the men’s club, a Las Vegas mobster she doesn’t even like. She wants out bad, but she’s stuck.

Seven years ago she made the mistake of her life, running away from Tawny Hills Ranch to find her mother when she turned sixteen. My how the mighty have fallen, from Texas Junior Miss to a men’s club nude dancer in seven debauched years.

Can she free herself and her mother from the clutches of the mob with the help of three hunky navy SEALs and begin life anew?

My Thoughts
This was the last book in this series and I thought this book was really different from the other two, mostly because we can see a new side of the author. this one has more action and that was actually really good.
The ménage relationship is also stronger in this one. Three guys instead of two and these are brothers and alpha males to the extreme. They worked as navy SEALs and now started a security company.
Victoria made a very short presence in the other two books, but the most important part we didn’t knew, she’s Tod sister and grew up on the ranch, but ran away when she turned eighteen to fin her mother. That’s when her problems started.
Her mommy was a mistress to mob guy and now she’s also a toy for him but cannot get away and work in a men’s club to survive on her own, but he always visit. Now the security time is trying to save her and arrest the mob guy.
For me the relationship was more like a second story and I enjoyed but it’s to similar to the others books and could be a little different.


Books in this Series

#1 –  Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys
#2 –  Sharing Brenda

#3 –  Victoria’s Secret Life




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