Review: Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James

Cowgirl Up and Ride (Rough Riders #3)Title: Cowgirl Up and Ride
Author:  Lorelei James
Series: Rough Riders
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
Format: ebook
ISBN: 159998895X
Genre: Erotica
Release date: March 2008
Number of pages: 275


Goody-two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as more than the neighbor girl in pigtails. Now that she’s old enough to stake her claim on him, she’s pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell-bent for leather—straight for his libido.

Divorced rancher Cord has sworn off all women…until innocent AJ suggests he teach her how to ride bareback—and he realizes she doesn’t mean horses or bulls. Between his responsibilities running his massive ranch, missing his young son and dealing with the sexual shenanigans of his brother and cousins, Cord is more than willing to take AJ up on her offer. On a trial basis.

The fun and games tie them both up in knots. AJ isn’t willing to settle for less than the whole shootin’ match with her western knight. But for Cord, even though the sexy cowgirl sets his blood ablaze, he’s determined to resist her efforts to lasso his battered heart.

Sweet, determined AJ has the power to heal—or heel—the gruff cowboy…unless Cord’s pride keeps him from admitting their relationship is more than a simple roll in the hay.

This is the third book in the series and it’s very impressing how Lorelei James managed to create a brand new story for each cowboy and they are all very erotic.We are following the McKay’s and each one of them is hotter and very sexy cowboys.
This is the first one to talk about a taboo. Cord was once married and has a little boy, but since his ex-wife decided to fill for divorce and move to the city, he became a very boring person, but AJ was in love with him for years. The taboo is centered around the ages, since AJ is barely legal and Cord is several years older than her. Plus she’s a virgin.
I remember her from Long Hard Ride when Channing though she was dating Colby, even if she only had eyes for Cord since she was five and he saved her. But she’s shy and it was a big surprise for me to see her acting bold and following her rules to get exactly what she wanted from him. Very nice part and she made all her cowboy very happy.
Cord had some doubts about a relationship why AJ, because she’s younger, his sister best friend and like all the McKay’s he wants more from sex than just a vanilla relationship and doesn’t want to scare the pretty little virgin away. But these two were really hot together and made every sense in the end. AJ already was familiar with Cord son and he’s such a sweet baby.
This was a really good book and I love some series, it’s fun to follow the characters that we met in previous books and also hear some news about couples from other stories. I liked how Lorelei managed to create an erotica series showing different kinds of dominating man.


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