Review: Wolf Tracks by Vivian Arend

Wolf Tracks (Granite Lake Wolves, #4)Title: Wolf Tracks
Author:  Vivian Arend
Series: Granite Lake Wolves
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Format: ebook
ISBN: B00436F00W
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: October 26th 2010
Number of pages: 97
Score one for the underdog…er…wolf.Granite Lake Wolves, Book 4TJ Lynus is a legend in Granite Lake, both for his easygoing demeanor-and his clumsiness. His carefree acceptance of his lot vanishes, though, when his position as best man brings him face to face with someone he didn’t expect. His mate. His very human mate. Suddenly, one thing is crystal clear: if he intends to claim her, his usual laid-back attitude isn’t going to cut it.After fulfilling her maid-of-honor duties, Pam Quinn has just enough time for a Yukon wilderness trip before returning south. The instant attraction between her and TJ tempts her to indulge in some Northern Delight, but when he drops the F-bomb-"forever"-she has second thoughts. In her world, true love is a fairytale that seldom, if ever, comes true.Okay, so maybe staging a kidnapping wasn’t TJ’s best idea, but at least Pam has the good humor to agree to his deal. He’ll give her all the northern exposure she can stand-and she won’t break his kneecaps.Now to convince her that fairytales can remake her world-and that forever is worth fighting for.By popular demand: Clumsy sidekick wolf grows up, sarcasm reigns, and the wilderness gets wilder. Includes hot nookie in places you expect-like a remote cabin-and places you don’t.


I was hoping for TJ book since I met him in Wolf Signs, but I did not like the fact his mate is actually human and he has to face serious troubles before actually find his happily ever after.

I liked how he made everything for her to understand the pact and how romantic he was, the kidnapping was perfect because knowing him from several books and he’s like a huge kid without sense of reality. I liked how she faced things but hoped for TJ to have a easy path to happiness.

Since Pam wanted the travel and TJ is working for his brother at the moment, he showed her all the beautiful places and tried to make her fall in love with him and hopefully accept his wolf nature too.

I liked TJ and his actions were nothing new, but the book had it’s moments of fun.


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