Review: An Inconvenient Affair by Catherine Mann

An Inconvenient AffairTitle: An Inconvenient Affair
Author: Catherine Mann
Series: The Alpha Brotherhood
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook from Netgalley
ISBN: 0373731868
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 7th 2012
Number of pages: 192
Hillary Wright has always been a magnet for Mr. Wrong. Her latest left her in trouble with the law, and to clear her name, she’s agreed to an undercover sting—as the "date" for infamous Troy Donavan. The notorious hacker is now a government good guy…and a sexy billionaire playboy. Troy has a reputation as the sort of man she’s vowed to avoid, and his secretiveness adds fuel to Hillary’s distrust. But with his kisses like molten sin, her fierce resistance is melting. And being sensible in the face of such overpowering desire is just not an option.


This book was actually a good surprise since it’s my first form this author and didn’t felt like a Harlequin romance, maybe because of the action, maybe the spy things going around but I really liked how this couple managed the danger and even discovered some good things in live.
Both suffered since childhood, one was neglected by his parents and chose the crime world to get attention and the other had an abusive parent and everyone overlooked things.
I liked Hillary and Troy together, lots of chemistry and she was a sweet girl just needing a good relationship. Troy was a good guy, but followed in the wrong world.
Other characters were introduced and I have the feeling the next books will be all about them, they were really helpful during this strange operation.
A good book and a different Harlequin.

Series in Order

#1- An Inconvenient Affair

#2- Untitled

#3- Untitled

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