Review: Because I Said So by Beth Kery

Because I Said So (Because You Are Mine, #5)Title: Because I Said So
Author: Beth Kery
Series: Because You Are Mine
Publisher:  Berkley InterMix
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: August 28th 2012
Number of pages: 53

An outing in Paris, a luxury car, a dangerous rain-slicked street—and Francesca eagerly takes the wheel sending her and Ian spinning deliriously out of control. The risk would frighten most women. Not Francesca. It’s arousing. A moment of le petit morte that steers her relationship with Ian into a daring new direction.
Scorched by the depths of Francesca’s fresh, generous response to him, Ian begins to question his ability to keep his distance from the vibrant beauty. She’s like fire in his blood, striking a cord in him unlike any other woman, and every time he touches her, his need for total possession only mounts…


These two chapters felt more short than the others, maybe because I could see a more relaxed side of Ian, he’s possessive but also a cute when in love. I know he’s in love I can bet that when he finally figure out what it’s really happening things won’t be that simple for him.
I liked how Francesca didn’t just bow for him, when pressured and stand for her ideas, very nice how she handled and Ian was really sweet afterwards.
Plus the felatio was hoooootttt. I know it sounds so simple when compared to other books and scenes we already saw from Ian, but the waiting for the next chapter made more anxious.

Series in Order

#1 – Because You Are Mine
#2 – Because I could not resist
#3 – Because You Haunt Me
#4 – Because You Must Learn 
#5 – Because I said So

#6 – Because You Torment Me
#7 – Because I need to
#8 – Because I Am Yours


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