Review: Because You Torment Me by Beth Kery

Because You Torment Me (Because You Are Mine, #6)Title: Because You Torment Me
Author:  Beth Kery
Series: Because You Are Mine
Publisher:  Berkley InterMix
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: September 4th 2012
Number of pages: 63

Francesca takes the reins, blossoming under Ian’s tutelage and leading to a bold act of rebellion and sexual empowerment—one that sends Ian closer to the edge.
As far as Ian’s concerned, Francesca’s gone too far. It’s not just her flirtation with disaster, but her flagrant defiance and an agenda to torment him until he’s seeing red with need and desire. He will see the willful young woman submit, but when she does, Ian finds himself losing all of his carefully guarded control and leaping into the consuming flames with the woman he can’t live without.


This was a fun couple of chapters because we could see Francesca being normal and tormenting Ian, win-win right. It’s so easy to make him mad, that it’s a wonder how people manage to work with him daily.
Francesca didn’t meant to, but it was fun to watch Ian lose control and of course spank her for it afterwards. These two chapter were erotica to the extreme and made me happy to see Ian in his domains.


#1 – Because You Are Mine
#2 – Because I could not resist
#3 – Because You Haunt Me
#4 –
Because You Must Learn 
#5 – Because I said So
#6 – Because You Torment Me

#7 – Because I need to
#8 – Because I Am Yours




This is all on book that the publisher decided to divide in short novellas of two chapters, but I wanted to make short reviews of these novellas because I read them separately, one each week. Usually on release day.


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