Review: Because I Need To by Beth Kery

Because I Need To (Because You Are Mine, #7)Title: Because I Need To
Author:  Beth Kery
Series: Because You Are Mine
Publisher:  Berkley InterMix
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: September 11th 2012
Number of pages: 61

After time away, Ian pursues Francesca once again. She can’t resist him, despite his secrecy…. As their relationship deepens, Ian begins to take pleasure in teaching her his strengths while she tempts him with the beauty of spontaneity and the rush of letting go of control. And for a while, they do let go…
It’s intoxicating and it’s exhilarating as they indulge themselves in the sweet, addictive fruit of passion. But as Francesca knows, when pleasure gets this intense, the quick burn-out can be devastating. For Ian’s secrets have tested Francesca yet again, leaving her to despair that the one man with whom she has become obsessed is the one man she may never really have.


I feel like this series is getting a little slow, but maybe is because the end is near and we all want more Ian and his dominating awesomeness. Francesca is getting more submissive in bed and more demanding in real life. This relationship is doomed to failure, but start fresh is good thing for these tow.
I liked this new and soft side of Ian, but once again he closes up and Francesca is tossed to the side. I wanted to see Ian more human, but he still treats Francesca like a teenager that does nothing right. Francesca is better now and start to stand up for herself and I liked this side of her, but want Ian to see she deserve something better.


#1 – Because You Are Mine
#2 – Because I could not resist
#3 – Because You Haunt Me
#4 –
Because You Must Learn
#5 – Because I said So
#6 – Because You Torment Me

#7 – Because I need to
#8 – Because I Am Yours

This is all on book that the publisher decided to divide in short novellas of two chapters, but I wanted to make short reviews of these novellas because I read them separately, one each week. Usually on release day.


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