Sweet Evil Week 1!


This week topic is Road Travel and I had a hard time picking a theme for it, because I don’t do travels. It’s very difficult for me to chance my normal schedule and pack a bag. My sister travels all the time and I asked her some pointers, but after some serious thinking I decided to show a different love for you guys.

      Things that I can’t live without!

What you guys don’t know is how much I love make up! Every where that I go there’s has to be a lipstick handy. So for my necessaire in this travel I’ll pick my favorites.


For about one year I fell in love with this amazing palette. It’s my first Urban Decay product and it’s huge. So many different colors that can literally create dozens of effects. Everyday I wear at least two for basic eyes (Naked and Buck). Plus this is perfect for day and night, with some amazing glamorous and sparkling shadows.

Another product that I can’t forget everyday is Primer, because in my country is usually pretty hot and without it there’s no way a make could last for longer than four hours, but Urban Decay once again made my life easier. The potion is amazing and I have no complaints about it. Even with over 100 F it still holds it.



I really pale and the sun is bad for skin, but these two products help a lot. They make me look fairly normal, without all the under eyes bags and the foundation is the best for my skin, because it last forever and also protects from the sun.


I love bold lipstick and there’s nothing better for me, than a beautiful and colorful mouth. So my favorites for this month were these two beauties: Pink Nouveau and Ruby Woo. And they match perfectly with the Naked.

        Thoughts on the book!

I’m liking it, but decided to say it all on the review, because spoilers are killers for me and I’m trying to make this first week easier. I loved this idea for the read-along and it’s interesting to see Anna as a normal person on the very beginning.

Kaidan sounds a little lost on the book so far, maybe because he’s having feelings for Anna, but I kinda like him.


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