Review: Command Performance by Nora Roberts

Command Performance (Cordina #2) (Language of Love #37 - Crown Imperial)Title: Command Performance
Author:  Nora Roberts
Series: Cordina
Publisher:  Silhouette
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0373510373
Genre: Romance
Release date: November 1st 1993
Number of pages: 218

In Eve Hamilton’s youth, His Royal Highness Alexander de Cordina had played the part of a fairy-tale prince, but seven years ago Eve had learned that its villains were undeniably real. She had also learned to put her childhood dreams behind her.

It was Alexander’s request that brought Eve, along with her theatrical troupe, back to Cordina. She still took his breath away with her flawless beauty, and just the sight of her natural sensuality made him ache. It soon became evident that the dangers would never remain in the past – but neither would the desires.


It’s interesting seeing Eve again and in a strange relationship with Alexander when we all thought she would end up with the playboy. She was very important on the end of Affaire Royale, by helping save Brie and getting the family attention.
She was just a teenager than and now ten years after her first visit to the palace, she’s back and very successful business women as a request of the Alexander to help children, impressive right?
That young girl who just wanted to be an actress became a very good producer and now owns a world renowned group of artists that will perform on Cordina to help raise money for kids treatment on hospitals, but the bogey man is back and terrorizing the royal family once again, the interesting thing is that his still in jail.
I liked how the romance was handled during the book, because knowing Alexander from the previous book and how serious he is, Eve is actually the perfect girl for him, because she is fun and was raise to be a lady. I actually liked this two together and the series is in a good path.


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