Review: Breaking Free by Cherise Sinclair

Breaking Free (Masters of the Shadowlands, #3)Title: Breaking Free
Author: Cherise Sinclair
Series: Masters of Shadowlands
Publisher:  Loose Id
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781596329652
Genre: Erotica
Release date: June 2nd 2009
Number of pages: 170

Beth must yield to become aroused, but she’s too scared to give up control. The last thing she wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom. But that’s just what she gets, and exactly what she needs…

A sadistic husband left Beth scarred, inside and out. Only at the Shadowlands BDSM club does she feel like a woman. But her fears limit her to Doms who won’t overwhelm her— the very ones who cannot arouse her. The Master of the Shadowlands gives her an ultimatum: accept the Dom he assigns or lose her membership. The last thing Beth wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom, but that’s just what she gets.

Asked to take on a problem sub, Nolan sees the issue immediately— although truly submissive, the little redhead is too scared to relinquish control and her Doms have let her get away with it. That will change right now.

As Master Nolan takes Beth under command, compelling her submission, she’s terrified, but the experienced Dom brings her pleasure, not pain. His only demand is that she never lie to him. Under his capable hands, her body comes alive, and she begins to heal. As he pushes her limits, she learns to trust…and then to love. And she realizes he is beginning to care for her in return.

But now her cruel husband has found her, and Master Nolan discovers she’s been lying and lying and lying…


Master Nolan made a very short appearance on Dark Citadel and only for us to understand he was in the Iraq and it’s now returning to the states and the scene, but we also got a little peak on Beth when Z was complaining about a situation that he couldn’t resolve.
So in this book Z forced Beth to accept Master Nolan if she wanted to continue her membership in the Shadowlands, but her problems went deeper than anyone there knew and she just couldn’t accept and trust a Dom after what her bastard husband did to her.
Nolan had no idea what he was getting into but I liked the way he handled Beth fears and made her trust him. he accepted her pace and didn’t rush her just to finish a scene. Plus he’s very observant and always knew when she was suffering and when to just talk.
I liked this book, even if Master Nolan was a bit of a stranger to me, but I liked his way and the submission was different from the other books because Beth lived in the BDSM world for a long time and knew what was expected from her during a play.
I’m not going to talk about the action, because was a bit unnecessary to me.

Series in Order

#1- Club Shadowlands

#3- Breaking Free

#4- Lean on Me

#5- Make me, Sir

#6- To Command and Collar


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