Sweet Evil Week 3 and 4!!

Since I already finished the book and the two extras( so fun to read Kaidan’s mind!). I’m going to follow this week theme and play a little true or dare.

I’m usually not so chatty but this week I’m telling five trues about my life.

  1. I have 23 and currently I’m in college studying Biological Science and my undergrad is in teaching.
  2. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Beautiful state, but never visit the beach, not my favorite place to go.
  3. I love TV shows and realities are one of my hidden passions. Big Brother, American Idol, The X Factor.
  4. I’m also learning how to cook and bake. I have an unconditional love for cupcakes and find them really cute and tasty.
  5. My family doesn’t know about my blog and the amount of books I read every year. So is like a secret life and a busy schedule.

I know my life is a bit boring, but between school and the time I spent reading there’s not much left, maybe after I graduate things will change…

This week topic is a little difficult for me, because in my country we don’t celebrate Halloween and there’s no children costume for me to talk about, but I can definitely say one thing. I wish for chocolate and candy every day.

I love chocolate cake and cookies, plus M&M’s are to die for. I also can’t pass a day without some candies, strawberry are my favorites types.

So this week was boring, I’m know but what can I say? I wish for Halloween every year for a bit of sweet.