Review: The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst

The Marriage MistakeTitle: The Marriage Mistake
Author:  Jennifer Probst
Series: Marriage to a Billionaire
Publisher:  Entangled
Format: ebook from Netgalley
ISBN: 1476717524
Genre: Romance
Release date: November 6th 2012
Number of pages: 352
As the new CEO of the biggest up-and-coming bakery empire in the US, Max Gray knows one thing: he absolutely cannot screw this up. Which is the very thing that would happen if he laid a finger on the owner’s–and his best friend’s–younger sister, Carina. Carina Conte is an ugly duckling in an ocean of swans. Everybody in her family still treats her like a little girl, despite her MBA and everything she’s done to show them otherwise. Even worse? Her long-time crush, Max, barely notices her. Totally unacceptable. While away at a business conference, Carina and Max get caught up in the heat of the moment and have a scorching one-night stand but are busted the next morning by Carina’s brother and mother. When her traditional Italian family forces them into marriage to keep her good name, Carina is determined to make the best of her new life…until she learns Max wants anything but his new marriage or young wife. Her new husband is about to realize that hell hath no fury like a woman transformed.


This series is sweet and so much easy to love, and I loved to watch destiny and the Mother Earth help these women finding their happily ever after, but this book is actually my favorite and Carina is a really special girl and deserved this happiness.
At first I thought Max was just a womanizer but them I discovered he has some darkness in his past and the way he handles his affairs. He doesn’t lie and every girl knows from the start there’s no relationship and no future, but everything changed so fast for him.
Carina was such a sweet girl in the last book, that it was a complete change when I saw her grow up and acting all strong. Their relationship was actually a big jump and I didn’t like how she changed so much after their night together.
Carina was so strong and just surrendered to her mother in one second. I understood Max and his reasons to accept, but he could have tried a little better during the actual marriage.
I liked this series and believe their will be a next one very soon.

Series in Order

#1 – The Marriage Bargain
#2 – The Marriage Trap
#3 – The Marriage Mistake


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