Review: All or Nothing by Catherine Mann

All Or Nothing (#2 The Alpha Brotherhood)

"I can’t sleep with a man who keeps secrets."
Despite the warnings that he would break her heart, Jayne Hughes fell for the bad boy. And Conrad Hughes, casino magnate, did just that with his absences and lies. Now she’s ready to move on, but her
husband has other plans….
Conrad’s undercover work for Interpol destroyed his marriage. When Jayne comes to Monte Carlo seeking a divorce, he launches an all-out assault. Seducing his wife back into his bed is child’s play;
earning her trust is another matter. Yet Conrad knows the odds favor the house. And he has no intentions of losing.

Title: All or Nothing
Author:  Catherine Mann
Series: The Alpha Brotherhood
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook from NetGalley
ISBN: 0373732163
Genre: Romance
Release date: January 2nd 2013
Number of pages: 192


I liked the first book in this series, it was like watching a Bond movie but with an actual romance and this series has a good potential, but I would prefer if this book had a dangerous side since the begin.

We’ve met Conrad and he’s a very good man, but he still misses his wife and cannot accept the break-up, and that is really strange when you realize that he was hiding his missions from her and just wanted her to believe in him faithfully while he fought evil around the world.

I liked Jayne and even preferred her over Conrad, because she was just a girl trying to be happy and have a normal life. Their relationship was pure passion, but the lies were breaking them apart and I understand her leaving.

I liked the reconnection and Conrad showing his soft side while trying to save Jayne from a bad guy who discovered his identity. It was interesting seeing these two learning about the life they could have had if they were honest and up front about feelings. It was a nice book, but I prefer the first one in this series.

Series in Order

#1- An Inconvenient Affair
#2- All or Nothing
#3- Playing for Keeps (Expected publication: April 2013)

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