Review: The Sheik & the Princess Bride by Susan Mallery

The Sheik & the Princess Bride (Desert Rogues, #8) (Silhouette Special Edition, #1647)


Prince Jefri of Bahania had just been bested…by a woman! And not just any female, but Billie Van Horn, his gorgeous, take-no-prisoners flight instructor who was more than a match for this ultramasculine male.

Well, she might be an ace in the air, but when it came to romance Billie was determined to keep both feet on the ground. So why did the sexy sheik make her feel as if she were soaring high above the clouds? She knew that when royal honor called, her high-born lover would fly from her side forever…unless Jefri defied his destiny and chose love..

Title: The Sheik & the Princess Bride
Author:  Susan Mallery
Series: Desert Rogues
Publisher:  Silhouette
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0373246471
Genre: Romance
Release date: November 1st 2004
Number of pages: 256


We never heard much about Jefri in the other books, only passing scenes where he’s called the funny and carefree guy of the family. I believe people say this because he’s the youngest and has no chance of assuming the crown, but his also the expert of flaying in the family. He’s very passionate about planes and the desert, which made him the perfect person to be responsible for the new Air Force that has been the talk for the last few books.

Billie is actually the perfect girl for him, because she’s carefree and her job is to teach pilots the offensive maneuvers in the sky. She spent her life flying and loves everything connected planes, but she’s very girlie and also loves shopping.

I liked this couple and how Jefri accepted his love and had to fight to be together with Billie. She’s just a normal regular girl and he had ordered a marriage of convenience and now had to deal with a fiancé and the love of his life.

The best part to me was discovering that the king was behind these love stories, it made me remember another romance series that I love written by Nora Roberts, Macgregor’s.


Series in Order

#1 – The Sheikh’s Kidnapped Bride
#2 – The Sheikh’s Arranged Marriage
#3 – The Sheikh’s Secret Bride
#4 – The Sheikh and the Runaway Princess
#5 – The Sheikh and the Virgin Princess
#6 – The Prince and The Pregnant Princess

#7 – The Sheikh and the Princess in Waiting
#8 – The Sheikh and the Princess Bride

#9 – The Sheikh and the Bride Who Said No
#10 – The Sheikh and the Virgin Secretary
#11 – The Sheikh and the Christmas Baby
#12 – The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride
#13 – The Sheikh and the Bought Bride

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