Review: His to Command Series by Opal Carew

My first time doing a series like this, but these books are novellas and they follow Matt and Kate relationship, like in a full novel. So without all those reviews pilling together, I decided to squeeze them all together.

Title: His to Command
Author: Opal Carew
Series: His to Command
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica

The Chase (His to Command #1)

This is not my first novella and I knew a little about the story. But Kate was not like I expected. She’s strong and successful, but still afraid of a dominant relationship. I don’t think she fully understands why she left Matt and if her reasons were nothing more than just fear. We can see a few shots from their past together and I think Kate needed a little explaining and to came to terms with her wants and needs.

This first novella didn’t explain much, but we can see Kate was in love and the relationship made her afraid, so she ran away, but now Matt is trying to find her and he’s rich so that made things a little easier for him.

The Capture (His to Command, #2)

So now I understand a bit more her reasons for leaving, but I still think she should had at least yelled at him her reasons, maybe things would be different, plus she believe in a person she had never saw before. Never believe in third parties, they always want something out of it, and sometimes is not in your best interest.

I get it why she left and why she ran the other day in the mall. But it’s better face it and control the situation.


The Revelation (His to Command #3)

My first thought after finishing this third installment is about the covers. They are all so similar, but still very hot. I liked the idea of this two together in the covers, it’s very nice.

Now, moving along we have the hottest piece so far, with lots of orgasm and some spicy sex. I liked how Kate finally open up and decided to share with Matt about the reason she actually left, but still think she should had at least told him first about her fears in their relationship and how she felt lost sometimes. They actually talked a lot, but I have a feeling something bad is coming and is connected with Ileana. The evil witch probably had her greasy fingers in their ending because she wanted Matt for herself all along.

The Arrangement  (His to Command #4)

Okay this chapter was more intense and very strange to me. Matt proposed to teach Kate about being a submissive, but there’s barely any of it and we can see she totally bossing him around, mostly because his afraid, but that’s not a submissive character.

There are also lots of sex and the appearance of the hideous Ileana. How could Matt had anything with her is so strange. And the woman has the insane idea of pushing Kate away again. Her words are so hurtful.


The Submission  (His to Command #5)

Great chapter and made things more intense between these two, but also a few secrets saw the light and Matt is losing control of his little submissive. I also liked the fact we can see more of the BDSM factor that made this week happen in the first place.

Ileana tried to destroy things with her poisonous words but Matt is actually doing half the job by keeping things from Kate. She is becoming more sure of herself and of course in love with Matt.

The Surrender  (His to Command #6)

Finally the end and Matt showed his true face. He poses like a Dom but let a woman rule his life for awhile and destroy the love of his life. Let’s face it, he’s rich and could go after Kate any day just to know her reasons and everything connected with her disappearance, but he thought it better to just let it go.

I didn’t like the way he handled things in the past and also don’t accept how he tried to hide something’s from Kate, but I loved the way she turned everything upside down with her ending up in control and happy with her decision.

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