Review: Just One Night, Part 2: Exposed by Kyra Davis

Exposed (Just One Night, Part 2)

Part 2 of the Just One Night series. One passionate night with a stranger turned Kasie’s world upside down, and just when she thought she was getting the hang of things, her fiancé finds out…
You should sleep with a stranger —those words whispered in her ear by her best friend became a challenge Kasie took to heart. Suddenly, the man who gave her the most shocking pleasure in that upscale Vegas hotel —a man whose name she never bothered to find out —is her company’s biggest client.
As this unknown man becomes Mr. Dade at the office, and Mr. Dade becomes Robert in the bedroom, Kasie’s passion won’t let her deny him anything he wants. But when her fiancé, Dave, finds out, there’s no telling what he will do to keep her, or what Robert will do to steal her away once and for all.

Title: Exposed
Author:  Kyra Davis
Series: Just One Night
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Format: ebook from Edelweiss
ISBN: 1476713138
Genre: Erotica
Release date: March 18th 2013
Number of pages: 128


The first novella showed a woman completely lost trying to find something to hold on. She was scared and afraid of disorder. Everything in her life had to be simple and pretty much perfect. I believe the first novella should had showed how that woman was only running away from the inevitable and how in reality she just wanted to belong to someone and be a little submissive.

I believe Dave was the wrong person since the first novella, but the way he acted on the ending and how he showed no respect for her in this book was completely wrong. He treated her like a whore most of the time and blamed her for the way things changed, but he had some guilt there too.

I like the way she’s is taking charge of her life and fighting for things she desire, but I think the most important thing is how she’s just learning to control her fear. I liked this book so much better than the first, because for once things are looking like they will be good for a change.

Series In Order

#1 – The Stranger
#2 – Exposed

#3 – Binding Agreement

The Stranger (Just One Night, #1) Exposed (Just One Night, Part 2) Binding Agreement (Just One Night, Part 3)

Review: The Fetish Box, Part Three: What Remains by Nicole Camden

The Fetish Box, Part Three: What Remains (The Fetish Box, #3)

The breathtaking final installment in the Fetish Box eBook series, where anything is possible…when passion is unleashed, only time will tell what remains…In an attempt to seek out the source of the violence against her friends, Mary takes on a role she’d never imagined she’d play—a role that requires Mary to embrace the darkest parts of her soul.
For the first time in her life, Mary understands who she is and where she belongs. What remains when you take away the sex and fun and adventure…is love. Love for her new friends, love for her lover, and love for the mother she never knew. She’s willing to risk anything—do anything—to keep them safe…

Title: What Remains
Author: Nicole Camden
Series: The Fetish Box
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Format: ebook from Edelweiss
ISBN: 1476728488
Genre: Erotica
Release date: March 25th 2013
Number of pages: 125


Third and final novella of this series. I don’t think this book needed this breaking. I felt in some moments that it would be better if it were a single novel. I get it why it was done, but some times it was strange.

So now we discover how is terrorizing Mary and how her life after a few weeks. Overall things are good and she settled in a relationship with John. These two are really nice together and Mary demonstrated in this novella that she can be a switch and John is not afraid to let go.

I liked their relationship, even if the first time was a bit strange for me, but now they are practically living together and everything is okay. John is not running for the hill, so that’s a plus.

Max was different since the begin and I was hoping for a better finale. We are left just wondering and I wanted more.

Series in Order

#1 – Open All Night
#2 – What Escapes

#3 – What Remains

The Fetish Box, Part One: Open All Night (The Fetish Box, #1) The Fetish Box, Part Two: What Escapes (The Fetish Box, #2) The Fetish Box, Part Three: What Remains (The Fetish Box, #3)