Review: Loyalty in Death by JD Robb

Loyalty in Death (In Death, #9)

1 MP3-CD / 12 hours
In 21st-century New York City, tough-as-nails cop Eve Dallas can survive a bombing, seduce her husband, and outsmart a terrorist–all on four hours of sleep. In this latest installment of the In Death series, author J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts) casts our heroine against an enigmatic group of terrorists named Cassandra. With no clear motivation or demands, Cassandra feeds on the thrill of senseless killing and the calculated destruction of Eve’s world.

Relying on her own brawn and brains, as well as that of her aid Peabody and her husband Roarke, Eve begins to unravel a mystery that began decades before. When the killer’s threats land close to home, Eve knows she has no choice but to gamble her own life for the chance to save her city as well as her loved ones.

Title: Loyalty in Death
Author: JD Robb
Series: In Death
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
Format: audiobook
ISBN: 1423301218
Genre: Mystery
Release date: May 1st 2007
Number of pages: 1 MP3-CD / 12 hours


This book was intense because Eve worked extra hard and even had to deal with marital problems. So had her plate full and her attention was being pulled from all around, for the first time I saw Eve taking a pill from her own choice, so you can see how bad it is.

The story was more like suspense with serious political crap and Eve had to deal with threats and explosions, during almost a week. I liked the way she tried to connect the dots and investigate at the same time a few cases that she thought were a bit strange.

So Eve and Roarke had a few bad moments but I blame the case, because it was really serious and the bastards were attacking properties that Roarke was involved, since the guy owns almost all New York. But it fell like Eve was taking extremely hard because of some things that took place during the book, so I won’t spoiler. But I liked seeing these two showing some emotions outside the bedroom.

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