Week in Review #1


So this week was actually full of giveaways, but I’m not really reading as much as I should so a few reviews were up late and I need to work on the schedule, but now I have more time and space for the reviews and to start more giveaways.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Book Travels is my baby, but I read so many different type of books that things were starting to get messy and out of control for me. There was way to many posts on the same week and never a dull moment, but I was losing control of my reviews and what to show.

There’s a different public to young adult and a completely opposite to erotica and I discovered this year to I love erotica and started reading more about it, so I think the blog needed a vision and there’s now a plan for the week.

Mondays: Paranormal Romance on Book Travels in the Dark
Tuesday: Top Off Tuesday on Book Travels (Harlequins need love too)
Wednesday: Romance on Book Travels
Thursday: Mystery or Urban Fantasy on Book Travels in the Dark
Friday: Young Adult on Book Travels
Saturday: Stacking the Shelves on both
Sunday: Week in Review

I guess you can see that a few days will be empty on both blogs, but I can show guest post, interviews, or blog tours in those.

Sounds fun, right? So this week I had fun with only a few books. Smiley triste

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Betrayal in Death (In Death, #12)


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