The New Look of Entangled Indulgence

I’ve read a few Entangled romances and one thing they have in common is the great cover, there’s always a touch of sexy and romance behind the characters and we can clearly see this from the first look at the covers and now Entangled decided to change the look for the entire Indulgence line.


I loved the change and it gives a feel of a good vintage book. Plus those words in color are amazing.

Sexy new look!

Classic romance with a fresh new twist.

Indulgence brings together classic romance, new and fresh voices, those alpha heroes we all love, and are simply great category romance reads.

Indulgence books are short contemporary romances. They are new, fresh, edgy, light, and whimsical and always have a happily ever after.

Emotionally and physically satisfying.

Sure, Brazen may be the naughty little sister of Indulgence, but where do you think Brazen learned everything? Alegre

Now take a look of some pretties up close.





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