Romance Review: The Cowboy’s Triplets by Tina Leonard

The Cowboy's Triplets (American Romance)

Callahan Cowboys are bachelors for life!

That is, until Pete Callahan’s wily aunt delivers her ultimatum. The first Callahan to marry and have children—the more kids the better—wins the family ranch.

Like his five brothers, Pete never considered himself the marrying kind. And that’s just fine with Jackie Samuels, a hardworking nurse who seems perfectly happy with her and Pete’s Saturday-night arrangement. Until she realizes she wants something more from the hunky, footloose rancher. Like a father for the triplets she just found out she’s having.

Pete couldn’t be more delighted. He’s suddenly got an instant family. Jackie’s the only obstacle to their happy ending—she refuses to marry him. But maybe she knows the best way to land a cowboy is playing hard to get!

Title: The Cowboy’s Triplets
Author: Tina Leonard
Series: Callahan Cowboys
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0373753586
Genre: Romance
Release date: May 3rd 2011
Number of pages: 224
I liked a few books from this series, but read them out of order, so this is actually the first one and was released a few years ago. So this is more of an introduction to the characters and the city. I do love a good Harlequin book with babies and pregnancy.
So Pete is the oldest and had no idea about the secrets his Aunt Fiona was keeping and to after discovering all his life could be changed, made him think and decide to act. So he went after the woman he loved for years and now she’s pregnant with his triplets. The only problem is the fact she doesn’t want a wedding out of pity.
I really liked this book and it was nice seeing Pete doing all the work, because Jackie is in bed rest for the triple pregnancy, plus he wanted her to understand about their relationship and the more they can have. I liked Jackie and agree with her, because he never wanted a full relationship, only date nights with sex and out of the blue is wedding. Not cool, but he made good on the promise and the kids are so cute.




Series in Review:

#1 – The Cowboy’s Triplets
#2 – The Cowboy’s Bonus Babies
#3 – The Bull Rider’s Twins
#4 – His Valentine Triplets
#5 – Cowboy Sam’s Quadruplets
#6 -  A Callahan Wedding
#7 – The Renegade Cowboy Returns
#8 – The Cowboy Soldier’s Sons
#9 – A Callahan Outlaw’s Twins
#10 – His Callahan Bride’s Baby


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