Paranormal Review: Jealous and Freakn’ by Eve Langlais

Jealous And Freakn' (Freakn' Shifters, #2)

Francine’s loved Mitchell, a wolf like herself, since she first set eyes on him back when they were just kids. However, Mitchell’s never seen her as more than another annoying sister. Determined to make him realize she’s all grown up, she enlists the aide of Alejandro, a gorgeous cat shifter. She never counted on wanting them both.
Alejandro knows Francine is special from the first moment he meets the fiery plump wolf, which is why he suggests she use him to make Mitchell jealous. A great plan, especially if it means getting to kiss those luscious lips. One taste though, and he’s addicted, but how does he make her see past the man she loves to realize she’s also meant to be his mate.
For a long time now Mitchell’s been running from Francine, certain she’s mistaken that their destiny’s lie together. However, the little girl he remembers is all grown up, and when he sees her in the arms of another, a need to claim her overrides all his common sense. But, he’s waited too long and fate has decided that he’s going to have to share. Can he bend enough to accept Francine and another man, or will his jealousy keep him freakn’?

Title: Jealous and Freakn’
Author: Eve Langlais
Series: Freakn’ Shifters
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0986915467
Genre: Paranormal/Menage
Release date: November 18th 2011
Number of pages: 231


Due to its strong sexual content, this novel is recommended for readers older than 18.

It was just me or this book was a little crazy? Because came on we all know it’s possible for a freakn’ to find their mate and have to share it, so explain why Mitchell was so intense and dramatic the whole book, when he could had done the right thing a long time ago and had her all to himself?
So I wasn’t really a fan of Mitchell for said reason and the way he kept fighting his wolf, when everyone always listen to their animal when things are screwed. But Mitchell was worse because he kept treating her like she was insane for even suggesting the mating thing, since they were kids, hello?
I liked Alejandro, actually loved him and the way he treated Francine. she definitely deserved a guy worshiping her after Mitchell bad behavior. Alejandro is actually Javier brother, from the first book and it was nice having a connection with other shifters, because we can see the world is not only this little town.
Between those two I think Alejandro was the best mate, because he was always thinking about Francine and doing the right thing, because Mitchell even after the mating kept trying to fight and didn’t really handled a relationship like an adult.


Series in Order

#1 – Delicate Freakn’ Flower
#2 – Jealous and Freakn’
#3 – Already Freakn’ Mated
#3.5 – Jungle Freakn’ Bride
#4 – Human and Freakn’

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