Paranormal Review: Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione

Desire Unchained (Demonica, #2)

Pleasure is their ultimate weapon . . .
Runa Wagner never meant to fall in love with the sexy stranger who seemed to know her every deepest desire. But she couldn’t resist the unbelievable passion that burned between them, a passion that died when she discovered his betrayal and found herself forever changed. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation that haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy.
A Seminus Demon with a love-curse that threatens him with eternal torment, Shade hoped he’d seen the last of Runa and her irresistible charm. But when he wakes up in a dank dungeon chained next to an enraged and mysteriously powerful Runa, he realizes that her effect on him is more dangerous than ever. As their captor casts a spell that bonds them as lifemates, Shade and Runa must fight for their lives and their hearts-or succumb to a madman’s evil plans.

Title: Desire Unchained
Author:  Larissa Ione
Series: Demonica
Publisher:  Forever
Format: ebook
ISBN: 044640098X
Genre: Paranormal
Release date: March 1st 2009
Number of pages: 380


Due to its strong sexual content, this novel is recommended for readers older than 18.

I like this series but for some reason I always take to long to actually finish one book, nothing wrong there but it’s a reality for me. The best part for me is the world. So different and there are so many characters with feeding habits and dangerous points. I usually think the couple is on the sidelines from the big picture. This time we got more from the couple, but the fight also got more closer to them.
Shade we met on the previous book and he’s a seminus demon with a curse, strange right, but completely understandable, because we all know these demons need sex and Shade messed with the wrong female, because her husband decided to made a statement and now Shade can’t fall in love.
Runa we never met, but she was talked about on the previous book, but the problem with her was just humanity, because demons can’t mate with humans, but we also realized really fast that she was bitten by a werewolf and now one a month she howls to the moon. So she evolved and now is more than just a human, but Shade still has the curse problem, so mating between these tow was completely off question,until the sicko brother decided to play with people emotions. I liked this couple and they are so in love, it’s actually really cute.
I got to say these Seminus are really crazy without a female, I fear for Wraith after the way this book ended.


Series in Order

#1 – Pleasure Unbound
#2 – Desire Unchained
#3 – Passion Unleashed
#3.5 – Eternity Embraced
#4 – Ecstasy Unveiled
#5 – Sin Undone
#5.7 – Overkill


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