Romance Review: Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak

Home to Whiskey Creek (Whiskey Creek, #4)

Sometimes home is the refuge you need-and sometimes it isn’t.  Adelaide Davies, who’s been living in Sacramento, returns to Whiskey Creek, the place she once called home. She’s there to take care of her aging grandmother and to help with Gran’s restaurant, Just Like Mom’s. But Adelaide isn’t happy to be back. There are too many people here she’d rather avoid, people who were involved in that terrible June night fifteen years ago.
Ever since the graduation party that changed her life, she’s wanted to go to the police and make sure the boys responsible-men now-are punished. But she can’t, not without revealing an even darker secret. So it’s better to pretend….
Noah Rackham, popular, attractive, successful, is shocked when Adelaide won’t have anything to do with him. He has no idea that his very presence reminds her of something she’d rather forget. He only knows that he’s finally met a woman he could love.

Title: Home to Whiskey Creek
Author: Brenda Novak
Series: Whiskey Creek
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: ebook from NetGalley
ISBN: 0778315452
Genre: Romance
Release date: July 30th 2013
Number of pages: 416
I read the third book and for me that was perfect, so after reading this one a few things sounded a little rushed, because this story touched several difficult matters. For once we have Adelaide, never heard of her before but it was explained why she left the town so many years ago. She returned to help her grandmother and her life hasn’t been easy since she step foot on Whiskey Creek. Several years ago, she was just sixteen when the football star and his friends gang raped her. That is a very tough issue to let it pass, but she had a few dark secrets too and ended up not talking about it.
But now she is back and someone decided to scare her and make her leave town, in that night she met Nathan. He was her knight in bicycle armor. He was training and heard her screams, but the best part for me was the fact she just didn’t’ want anything to do with him and she was the first one to dump him. Can you see the point now? He started after her just because she didn’t want him.
But he was also handling with Baxter coming out of the closed and telling about his love for Nathan all those years. So the book handled this part really well because it was a tough choice for Baxter and we could see how much it was hurting him since the previous book. But Nathan actually did good and their friends didn’t disappointed either. This group is really good and all of them come to Baxter help.
I didn’t liked the rushed ending and how the guilt person got away so easily. I can understand Adelaide forgiving them, but justice was too easy on them and they deserved more after the hideous thing the did years ago and how they tried to hide now.


Series in Order

#0.5 – When We Touch
#1 – When Lightning Strikes

#2 – When Snow Falls
#3 – When Summer Comes
#4 – Home to Whiskey Creek
#5 – Take Me Home for Christmas (Expected publication: October 29th 2013)


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Romance Review: Imprisoned by a Vow by Annie West

Imprisoned by a Vow

Signed, sealed…forever! Being sold into marriage by her stepfather is Leila’s one chance to escape. But instead of freedom, Leila finds herself bound by deep passions ignited by her inscrutable new husband.
Australian billionaire Joss Carmody knows the rules of this game–he’ll shower his new wife with diamonds and in return he’ll use her land to expand his business. That’s all he ever wanted from this exchange, but he hadn’t banked on the attraction Leila awakens.
Then the one night that was supposed to slake their desire, binds them beyond the signatures on their marriage contract…

Title: Imprisoned by a Vow
Author: Annie West
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook
ISBN: 1460316673
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 1st 2013
Number of pages: 192
I loved Leila, because she knows when to fight and when to just pretend and her life was a mess before this wedding, but I loved how she never gave up and kept her head up just thinking about the better days in her future. Her stepfather controlled her life and kept her locked up, but the worst part for me was the fact he sold her. He gave a good name like marriage but everyone knew exactly what it was.
Joss decided to marry without love because he didn’t want a nightmare relationship like his parents had, but he was never aware of Leila’s condition and only thought she was a docile wife with great connections. I actually loved this couple because Joss was really good to Leila and after he realized something was wrong he kept pushing to know the truth and make things right.
Leila was a mess after the wedding but kept on fighting and Joss realized she needed  a little distraction sometimes, their relationship changed after a few great kisses, but I loved these two together. The ending was not the best for me, but I understand they needed to grow a little apart.


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