Romance Review: Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan

Lost to the Desert Warrior

“Walking into the lion’s den unprotected, Princess?”
For Layla, princess of Tazkhan, her arranged marriage means one thing: a lifetime of cruelty and captivity. Such an unendurable prospect drives her to throw herself at the mercy of Sheikh Raz Al Zahki — her family’s greatest enemy!
Raz demands one thing in return for the safe haven Layla is seeking — this brooding desert king wants to make her his queen! Her freedom might be secured, but now her heart is at risk, for soon she’s lost to the scorching heat of their marriage bed. However, it will take more than fire to thaw her guarded husband.

Title: Lost to the Desert Warrior
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook from NetGalley
ISBN: 0373131771
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 20th 2013
Number of pages: 192
Another great sold into marriage book, but this one has a few different things than other books, because Layla didn’t accepted the reality and decided to sneak quietly into the night searching for the right person that could save her life and her sister. Her father had just died and she was aware that her life was about to be worse than ever. Her father never treated her all that good, mostly because he never even noted her, but she was aware he was wrong and decided to make things right by marrying the right heir to the throne.
Raz was a nice change, because he was a father and a very good one, but he was also trying to save his country from the hands of those horrible people, but Layla actually landed with a nice plan to change things. He was a bit worried but better to accept things and keep a eye on them. I liked the way he handled Layla and the disappearance of her sister, he didn’t trusted her right away, but didn’t make fun of her.
This was a nice couple, but Layla is way to trusting for me. Raz could change a bit, but he was still suffering so that I can accept.



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