Erotica Review: Bonds of Hope by Lynda Aicher

Bonds of Hope (Wicked Play, #4)

Bonds of Hope by Lynda Aicher
Wicked Play
Carina Press
ISBN: 9781426896293
Genre: Erotica
Release date: September 9th 2013
Number of pages: 229
Source: NetGalley
 AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Quinn Andrews has a lot to learn about the world of BDSM. Once America’s sweetheart, she has an opportunity to revive her career by playing a sexual submissive in a highly anticipated new series. Quinn is ready to throw herself into the role, and her hometown’s premier sex club, The Den, is the ideal place for a crash course.

At first Marcus Reese is reluctant to take on Quinn’s erotic education, despite his intense attraction to the stunning starlet. While she fulfills his every command perfectly, she’s also a consummate actress—and Marcus is determined to uncover the real woman hidden behind the mask.

Quinn’s been taking direction all her life, so submitting to a Dom comes easily. But it’s not just the most amazing sex she’s ever had—Marcus challenges her to define her own needs and make her own decisions. And when her training is over, Quinn will have to choose between continuing to play a part in her own life, or living by her own rules.



Due to its strong sexual content, this novel is recommended for readers older than 18.
The original Dom’s all got their happy ending so now we have some new owners to The Den. All of those are working member with a very long career and great capability, the first one to find love is Marcus.
This is a short story but very fun to read and follow. I liked Marcus and his choices in life, he sounds like a nice guy since the beginning, but the best part for me, was the way he helped Quinn, because her life was not perfect, but she had a really problem in setting boundaries.
She was a perfect submissive and I liked the way these two found different scenes to play and enjoy. Everything was new to Quinn, so she had no idea what to expect, but I liked the way she kept her mind open and actually enjoyed her time in the Den.
I started this series with this book and had no problem following the story, so I believe is okay to read as a stand-alone, but I also recommend to read the others, because they are pretty good too.


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Series in Order

#1 – Bonds of Trust
#2 – Bonds of Need
#3 – Bonds of Desire
#4 – Bonds of Hope


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