Erotica Review: Surrendered to the Wolves by Cara Adams

Surrendered to the Wolves by Cara AdamsSurrendered to the Wolves (Werewolf Brides, #1)
Series: Werewolf Brides
 Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Release date: January 20th 201
Number of pages: 88
Source: Bought

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Esther Johnson answers an advertisement for mail-order brides to marry two men of their choice from twenty-four eligible bachelors. Then she learns they’re werewolves. But the werewolf community at Cooper’s Farm is very welcoming, and Xola and Kairu Cooper are extremely yummy. It’s not how she’d planned her life, but once she finds a job, she’ll consider their attractions. However, getting a job isn’t all that easy. Oh, it’s way better than in her old neighborhood, but there are so many other considerations. She’s made friends with the other mail-order brides, and Xola and Kairu keep distracting her with outings and their wonderful bodies. Then Xola sees some people watching the farm and he and Okapi learn that there’s something not quite right going on in the local BDSM club. Is Esther safe? Are any of the human women safe? And how will Xola and Kairu protect her when she’s determined to go work in Coopersville town.



I do love werewolves and was kinda missing some of their crazy moments, so decided to read this novel, but in reality is a short book, more like a novella and a really great story if you like erotica and light BDSM, plus some furry hotness. The summary was a little strange and I have no idea how these women decided to become mail-order brides, but they are extremely good people and they have to choose a pair of wolves to mate for life. Strange thoughts right? But everybody took it well to the news and the first trio is fast in the works.

I do have to say Esther was not my favorite girl, but I loved Xola and Kairu, especially their friendship, because we can clearly see they have something special going. Both are very passionate in bed and they also have boundaries, worried about the other person, for me that makes a normal and very good relationship. Both are a little in love already with Esther, but we can see they are different and very hot guys. Loved the way they treated her.

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Series in Order

#1 – Surrendered to the Wolves
#2 – Tamed by the Wolves
#3 – Yielding to the Wolves
#4 – Matched to the Wolves

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