Erotica Review: Tamed by the Wolves by Cara Adams

Tamed by the the Wolves by Cara AdamsTamed by the Wolves (Werewolf Brides, #2)
Series: Werewolves Brides
 Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Release date: January 10th 2014 
Number of pages: 90
Source: Bought

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Dera Williams is very happy when Gowan and Maitho Cooper finally invite her out on a date. But the day turns to disaster when there’s a downpour and they’re far from shelter. And that’s before Dera notices strangers watching Cooper’s Farm. Who are they and what is happening?

Gowan is determined their second date will be a success and he and Maitho put in an enormous amount of effort into cooking up the perfect scene. The evening is a great success and their romance is progressing really well. The men are certain she’ll soon agree to a much closer relationship with them.

Then Dera accepts an interview at a dodgy recruitment firm and the men are determined to protect her no matter what she wants or what anyone else says. Is someone targeting the women on the farm? And how can they keep such an independent woman safe?



I’m loving this series, the werewolves are hot and very gentle, plus they know how to share, but the best part is following them finding their mate and making her fall in love with both of them at the same time.

This time we follow Dera discovering a different relationship with both Gowan and Maitho. These two are great at everything and they can even cook, can you imagine. I liked Dera, but I loved the Gowan and Maitho a little more. She’s a nice girl and very sure of herself, she doesn’t let them push her and she knows her limits, but the guys took forever to invite her for their first date and she was already halfway in love with them.

Loved their second, the guys were perfect, with the food, the clothes and even the different musics.

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Series in Order

#1 – Surrendered to the Wolves
#2 – Tamed by the Wolves
#3 – Yielding to the Wolves
#4 – Matched to the Wolves

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