Erotica Review: Yielding to the Wolves by Cara Adams

Yielding to the Wolves by Cara AdamsYielding to the Wolves (Werewolf Brides, #3)
Series: Werewolves Brides
 Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotica
Release date: January 24th 2014
Number of pages: 90
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Okapi Cooper and Tedros Cooper know one of the mail-order brides, Keisha Robinson, is the perfect woman for them. But not until things go wrong is she prepared to seriously consider their request. And now she has the terrible fear that it might be too late for all of them to find happiness. Someone is targeting the werewolf shape-shifter community at Cooper’s Farm, but why? And are they really dangerous or is it all just a misunderstanding?

Learning a new job and proving she is worthy of trust and respect so she can rebuild her life is Keisha’s focus right now. Okapi is more interested in securing her as his mate. And Tedros won’t rest until the other two are both his partners. Okapi and Tedros won’t be content until she is mated to them and under their protection, but it’s not Keisha whose life is endangered.



I didn’t think Okapi was that young and could be part of the mail-order brides picks, mostly because he’s the second-hand on the Cooper far, so for me he was a little older, but I liked seeing this different side of him, more carefree and trying to please a girl without push too hard. He has a partner and this part was different because in reality Tedros is submissive too while in the dungeon, not what I expected, but it wasn’t forced and there was no sex between these two.

They wanted Keisha since day one, but she needed to feel responsible for herself and Okapi helped her find a job. They started to woo her after that, when she was sure she could provide for herself and be a little independent. I liked this side of her, she’s a pretty special and this trio was a nice fit.

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Series in Order

#1 – Surrendered to the Wolves
#2 – Tamed by the Wolves
#3 – Yielding to the Wolves

#4 – Matched to the Wolves
#5 – Chosen by the Wolves

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