Review: A Gift of The Darkest Magic by Ashlynn Monroe

clip_image002Title: A Gift of The Darkest Magic
Author:  Ashlynn Monroe
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: July 2012
Number of pages: 64


Would you be willing to betray the person you love in order to save their life?


Clarissa’s husband Matt is dying of cancer. They’ve tried everything that medicine has to offer, both traditional and experimental, and nothing’s worked. Clarissa spends her days in the hospital, watching the man she loves slip closer and closer to certain death.


When her sister tells her she knows a way to save Matt, but it involves visiting a local club run by vampires, Clarissa is outraged that her sister would believe something so insane. But then she learns the truth.


Braden, the sexy and mysterious vampire who runs the club, does indeed have the means to save Matt, but he demands a high payment in return. He doesn’t want money, her blood, or even her life…he wants something she never expected. Clarissa has a choice—spend twenty-four hours in Braden’s bed or let her husband die.


But what she never foresaw was how much more the vampire would truly want after he’d given her the gift of the darkest magic.

My Thoughts

From the first pages we can understand Clarissa and see how much she loves her husband, but I don’t think for one second she had any idea the changes her life would take.


The thing is Clarissa’s husband Matt is dying of cancer and there’s nothing else the doctors can do to save him, but one day her sister gave her new hope and discovered a way to save him. Problem is getting the cure and believing it will is the first step.


he cure would come from vampires and they live in the same small town as she does, strange right how nothing ever made her think they existed and that these powerful beings would one day save the love of her life. Clarissa of course at first don’t believe and I wouldn’t either, but after seeing them on their night club, everything becomes a new reality and hope once again is part of her.


I chose to have this review showing Clarissa side of the story because for me the book is good just because we can see her struggle and her love, making the vampire Braden only a co-characther and not that important. Yes, he’s a vampire, but not as bad as it sounds and with a lot of problems of his own.


I didn’t connected with him, because he just didn’t show his true feelings and the beast he claims live inside, but Clarissa made really enjoyable to read this short story. I liked how she handled the sex and even thought she was betraying her husband her life didn’t change because of one night to save her love.


I even liked how Matt handled when he discovered how things changed while he was in the hospital. Overall I liked the book and the sex scenes were pleasurable.




Author Bio


Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal or fantasy related. She spends most of her time daydreaming up her next tale of romance.
Visit her website at to learn more about the worlds she imagines.
She’d love to hear from you at authorashlynnmonroe@gmail
Website / Facebook / Twitter



Review: The Goddess Legacy by Aimée Carter

The Goddess Legacy (Goddess Test, #2.5)Title: The Goddess Legacy
Author:  Aimée Carter
Series: Goddess Test
Publisher:  Harlequin Teen
Format: ebook (Netgalley)
ISBN: 0373210752
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: July 31st 2012
Number of pages: 304


For millennia we’ve caught only glimpses of the lives and loves of the gods and goddesses on Olympus. Now Aimee e Carter pulls back the curtain on how they became the powerful, petty, loving and dangerous immortals that Kate Winters knows.

Calliope/Hera represented constancy and yet had a husband who never matched her faithfulness….

Ava/Aphrodite was the goddess of love and yet commitment was a totally different deal….

Persephone was urged to marry one man, yet longed for another….

James/Hermes loved to make trouble for others-but never knew true loss before…

Henry/Hades’s solitary existence had grown too wearisome to continue. But meeting Kate Winters gave him a new hope….

Five original novellas of love, loss and longing and the will to survive throughout the ages.

My Thoughts

This book has five novellas that take place before The Goddess Test, so Kate is not a part of the book, except for an appearance on the last story.


First story is about Hera and it shows the reasons why she acts this way, I must say that her story is very sad and I understand why she feel so used and try to find her happinesss anywhere it’s possible. Zeus/Walter led her to a marriage after several promises and after they were married and Hera believe everything was happy, she discovered several situations where he had other lovers, plus some kids he forced her to accpt. Not good, and I kinda hate him, for his attitudes.


Second story is from Ava/Aphrodite POV and we get to understand her need to have several lovers and how her marriage to Hephaestus is still a very important part of her life and why he allows her to continue with her affairs. I loved how romantic Hephaestus was in this story and it was also show another bad side of Zeus.


Third story started not so good with Zeus making Persephone marry Hades. I have nothing against Persephone and I really think she just tried to make the best situation out of a bad wedding and a very frustrating life, but can’t people decide how they want to marry in Olympus is beyond me. Ava is a bitch and don’t deserve Hephaestus. Zeus did another bad thing.


Forth story was the most emotional for me and it showed a different side of Hermes. After being blamed for Persephone choices and also spending his life on the Olympus alone after everyone stopped talking with him. I don’t understand what the problem really was since Zeus can have everyone he wants and still be married and Ava also do the same thing. Anyway one day he was trying to understand why some Gods were fading and discovered what true love is, but everything comes with a price and he’s story was sad. In this story we understand why the Gods have these new names.


Last story was really short and only show how Hades suffered during the century while all the girls appointed by Demeter were killed. Sad story too, but we already knew he was lonely and how Kate was created. Is just an insight from Hades POV.


Overall I liked this book, but prefer an story centered in Kate and Henry relationship, because frankly Zeus is not my favorite God at the moment.


Books in this Series

#1 – The Goddess Test

#1.5 – The Goddess Hunt

#2 – Goddess Interrupted

#2.5 – The Goddess Legacy (Expected publication: July 31st 2012)

#3 – The Goddess Inheritance (Expected publication: April 2013)


“In her he saw possibility. In her he saw the future. And when she was ready for it, he would be, too”


Review: The Goddess Hunt by Aimée Carter

The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test, #1.5)Title: The Goddess Hunt
Author:  Aimée Carter
Series: Goddess Test
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781426834158
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: March 1st 2012
Number of pages: 92


A vacation in Greece sounds like the perfect way for Kate Winters to spend her first sabbatical away from the Underworld…until she gets caught up in an immortal feud going back millennia. Castor and Pollux have been on the run from Zeus and Hades’ wrath for centuries, hiding from the gods who hunt them. The last person they trust is Kate, the new Queen of the Underworld. Nevertheless, she is determined to help their cause. But when it comes to dealing with immortals, Kate still has a lot to learn…
My Thoughts


I feel like no novella is ever good enough, because the story is usuallu really good and when we want to keep reading it just end. I understand the reason to publish this story as a novella because I can’t picture an intere book without Hades and it was fun to read about her summer.


I feel like we get to see the truth faces behind the Gods with each passing book and this one showed us that they aren’t very forgiven and once they do something wrong or bad, there’s nothing to do about, they never undo things. Zeus shoed some signs off being really selfish since book one and now I can see that he enjoys messing with people life. Completely understand Hera wanting revenge, because living Eons with him, can make someone really go crazy.


This book is more an adventure for Kate, because she doesn’t know the world and visiting Greece was supposed to help and understand the Gods origin, but of course she was used once again, and I don’t like how these Gods can’t put up for themselves and needed a little girl to save their asses.


Not a good review, but the adventure part was kinda nice and I have nothing against Kate, only the rest of them.


Books in this Series

#1 – The Goddess Test

#1.5 – The Goddess Hunt

#2 – Goddess Interrupted

#2.5 – The Goddess Legacy (Expected publication: July 31st 2012)

#3 – The Goddess Inheritance (Expected publication: April 2013)



Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon #1
e-ARC provided by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Genre: Young Adult 
Release date: May 22nd 2012
Number of pages: 324




Book Blurb:

Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen—literally, ouch!—both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma’s gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom . . .

My Thoughts:

When I first saw this book, the cover alone made me want to read it, then I started reading several bloggers also wanting because the summary is great. Among several books about vampires and werewolves, this one is a fresh start for a series about mermaids, or syrena as they call themselves on the book.


This was perfect and it got me hooked since the first chapter. Mostly is set in Florida and we got to met Galen when Emma bumped into him, literally. He’s a prince on the waterworld and an ambassador with the humans, but only few actually know what he really is.


Emma was really fun to read and I enjoyed reading how she handled finding out about her true heritage and how she fell in love for the first time. This was fun and there’s also a bit of investigation, plus Galen is topless most of the book, can you really blame Emma for falling for him?


I loved the characters and Toraf was perfect, with his love story. And it was really different how the author focused on the secondary stories, that’s really important for me. Because Emma and Galen are not alone on the book and the friends supporting is very helpful in dangerous situations.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Of Poseidon




“It’s easy to remember, because dating rhymes with mating, and they’re almost the same […] So your mom thinks we’re ma– Uh, dating?”

Review: Sinful Temptation by Ann Christopher


Sinful Temptation by Ann Christopher 

The Davies Legacy: Twins of Sin #2
e-ARC provided by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Romance
Release date: February 21st 2012
Number of pages: 224





Book Blurb:

Scion of a powerful family, Antonios Davies has come home to take his rightful place as head of his family’s respected New York auction house. But the former soldier is haunted by memories of war…and the woman who has consumed his dreams for months.

Talia Adams fell in love with Tony in the poignant letters they exchanged while he was overseas. But the beautiful painter has wounds of her own. She isn’t prepared for the seductive stranger who shows up on her doorstep…or the passion that sweeps them past the point of no return. Are they ready to let go of the past for the most passionate future imaginable?

My Thoughts:

This is a big spoiler, but is impossible to talk about this book without mentioning Antonios is actually alive and made an appearance on the first book of this duo. He was considered death, kidnapped and tortured. Found his way out and is trying to make his life normal again. He’s family is rich and now he decided to work on the auction firm.


But first he needs to find Talia, he’s pen pal while he was on the war. She helped him stay sane and when she stopped responding to his letters was during the exact same time he suffered the accident.


Talia has some problems and though Tony was death, but now that he’s back, she can’t resist his seduction, and she tried really hard to make him understand that her life doesn’t include romance.


I liked how these two characters had to overpass some fears and doubts to really find a fulfilling life. Both suffered and now things started to look normal. Also we get to see a glimpse of his brother life and the future too.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Sinful Seduction

#2 – Sinful Temptation

Review: Sinful Seduction by Ann Christopher


Sinful Seduction by Ann Christopher

The Davies Legacy: Twins of Sin #1
e-ARC provided by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Romance
Release date: January 24th 2012
Number of pages: 224





Book Blurb:

Skylar Lawrence isn’t looking for romance when she arrives at the Thorntons’s sumptuous Hamptons estate. But when Skylar meets her ex-fiancé’s twin brother, an unexpected bequest leads to a night of fiery passion. Sinfully handsome, smooth-as-silk Alessandro Thornton exudes the kind of animal magnetism that’s impossible to resist…and hazardous to a woman’s heart.

Sandro desired Skylar from the minute the stunning veterinarian turned up at his door. Offering her shelter from the storm gives the decorated former soldier the chance to see what kind of game she’s really playing. But his plan backfires when he starts falling for the forbidden seductress. And a shocking discovery could tear Skylar from his arms and force Sandro to give up the woman he loves…


My Thoughts:

I discovered the Kimani Romance this year and loved this peace of Harlequin. I feel like sometimes we just want to read some romances and know that everything will be great at the end, no cliff and usually no need to read another book to continue the story. These are short and romantic little books with happy endings.


Skylar is avet that discovered once proposed that her love wasn’t that big and decided to end her engagement, but her fiancé is at war and dies so after they broke up. Now Skylar tries to go after her true love, her ex-fiancé twin brother that still suffer from the war, physically and misses his brother.


Sandro is trying really hard to forget things on drinking and now Skylar shows up in the middle of a storm and turned his life upside down. She loves him and he also loves her but since she had a relationship to his brother, he can’t see them together.


And that’s when the book started to get really good, because Skylar doesn’t give up and they start a really rough journey to self discovering their feelings and passing through memories. I liked Skylar and how strong she is for not surrendering, but Sandro was a bit dull, and could not forget something’s, plus thinking it was all he’s fault for his brother death.


in the end a good book with a surprising touch.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Sinful Seduction

#2 – Sinful Temptation

Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Flesh and Feathers by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland


Today I welcome authors April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland here at Book Travels. We made an awesome interview.

Also, April and Danielle will be giving away an autographed bookmark and $5 Amazon GC to one commenter at every stop, and one $15 and one $ gift certificate to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour.  So be sure to check out the remaining tour stops to increase your odds of winning (and to check out the other guest blogs and interviews).


Why did you decide to write an urban fantasy paranormal romance?

Danielle: Paranormal Romance is such a liberating topic. When writing paranormal romance a writer can pretty much make up the rules as they go.

April: NO RULES!!! Anything goes! I love fantasy. It’s a world that can bend and break any way you want or need it to. And the mystery of it can be amazing.

What do you think makes your book stand out in today’s market?

Danielle: Our book is not they typical boy meets girl; girl falls in love, happily ever after. Our book has many hidden secrets and sideline stories that we feel the reader will enjoy learning.

April: We really worked hard to make this book different than everything else. There is some major action going on and a plot that is based on scriptures and mythical elements. Then we added a love triangle and loves of drama! It’s not an angel/fallen angel book. There is way more to it!

Do you have any must-haves while you are writing?

Danielle: Music, I have music for every mood of writing.

April: Cigarettes and coffee. Oh! And of course Danielle. LOL.

What kind of books do you read in your spare time?

Danielle: I read everything from historical romance, to paranormal romance, to the side of a cereal box.

April: I like to read cereal boxes. I find them so interesting. Plus they have those little games on the back! It’s awesome! (Only kidding.) My love will always be paranormal romance. Boy meets girl; they fall in love; tragedy strikes and they must overcome it together!

Do you read the same genre that you write?

Danielle: I do. I know people say this is a no-no, but I love to read and write this genre.

April: Yes, because I love it. But I do read other things, like, just finished Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor. Totally loved it.

Can you tell us anything about what you are currently working on?

Danielle: A wolf, a witch, and a seriously bad case of the blues. We are currently working on a paranormal romance novel called The Witch and The Werewolf.

April: As Danielle said, we are working on The Witch and The Werewolf. We also have She Haunts Me and Flesh and Flames, which is book 2 of The Flesh Series.

What is one urban fantasy paranormal romance book that you would recommend?

Danielle: I love YA so I would have to recommend Hush-Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

April: Gonna have to stick with Danielle on this one. I loved Hush-Hush! One of my most favorite books!

A curiosity you would like to share.

Danielle: Why is love so darn difficult?

April: Why was it that I was in love with Edward in the movie but in love with Jacob in the book? (I know someone can totally relate to this.)

Quick answers:

a dream?

Danielle: All I can tell you is that I am there and so is Damon
Salvatore off of Vampire Diaries.

April: Sitting on the covered porch to my beach house with coffee, my laptop, and my co-author.

a nightmare?

Danielle: A world without cognac.

April: Not writing!!!

favorite book?

Danielle: Pride and Prejudice.

April: Is it bad to say Flesh and Feathers? Umm… ok, then I would have to go with New Moon.

favorite music?

Danielle: New age folk.

April: Metal all the way. And I will listen to Country on occasion. (But when I write, I have to listen to whatever Danielle is playing.)

favorite sentence?

Danielle: It is her world; we just live in it.

April: Anyone who knows something I don’t is my teacher. (I have worn this out over the years.)

clip_image002[4]Flesh and Feathers
April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland
Silver Publishing, March 31, 2012
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Male/Female, Romance, Shape-Shifter
ISBN: 9781614952435
Format: eBook


Blurb: Azaleigh’s life was simple. Then she meets Kale and Gage, two very different and charming men – one she loves and the other she cannot live without. As she struggles with her feelings towards them both, she begins to realize they are hiding a secret – and to her surprise they are not the only ones.

Soon after, Azaleigh finds herself running for her life from a bounty hunter that is far from human, and with every narrow escape, she begins to unlock the secret that will change her life forever. In a world of good and evil, angel and fallen, Azaleigh must choose between fate or the one she loves. What do you do when hell won’t let you win and evil just won’t die?


“Aren’t you coming in?” I asked. He just stood there, not saying a word.

“Is that a, No?” I asked, not hiding my frustration.

“I have somewhere to be,” he said with that stupid matter-of-fact voice again

That’s all it took. I lost my cool… or something like that. “You know what? I don’t get you. You act like I can’t walk myself home from work because I need protecting. You take me out acting like I’m your girlfriend and the only person you can think about…. Then you come here and… do what you do–you know what I’m talking about. (I was thinking of how to say make me want to have sex with you, but that would have been blunt and pathetic). And now you act like this and like you did last night. You know what? Fine! If that’s how it’s going to be, then leave.” (I am sure that didn’t come out any better.) I followed up by slamming the door in his face.

I laid my back against the door and butted my head against it a few times. Then I thought about how that was the most ridiculous overreaction I had ever seen done by anyone.

My instinct was to look through the peephole to see if he was still there. Sure enough, he was and with the same expression on his face. I calmly opened the door, which made a creaking sound at the slow pace. Staring at the floor, I cleared my throat and began to speak. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long day. I was out of line and… um… I didn’t mean anything I just said… or screamed.”

Flesh and Feathers Book Trailer

AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Danielle Hylton-Outland was raised in Virginia. She grew up having a huge appetite for daydreaming; always wanting to live in the spectacular worlds she created in her mind. She now lives with her husband and dog where she is pursuing a degree in literature. Danielle is a strong animal activist. She is currently co-writing the second book in The Flesh Series, "Flesh and Flames".

April Fifer grew up in a small town in Virginia, where it was common practice believing that dreams could only be found in stories. At the age of seven she was diagnosed with dyslexia. She was told that she would struggle through life and would never pick up a book to read for pleasure. Although school was hard, she was able to find her way with the help of two teachers who taught her self-discovery. Ignoring what she was taught growing up, she turned it around and found that your dreams could become stories.!/FiferHylton

The authors will be giving away an autographed bookmark and $5 Amazon GC to one commenter at every stop, and one $15 and one $25 gift certificate to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour.

The winner will be posted on the Goddess Fish Promotions blog site after the tour ends. Goddess Fish Promotions will notify the winner.

Visit the other sites for more chances to win:


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March 27: Novel Reflections
March 28: Curse of the Bibliophile
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March 30: Magically Seductive Romance
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April 3: Books Are Magic
April 4: Book Travels
April 5: I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read!
April 6: My Odd Little World

Review: Flesh and Feathers by April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland

Urban Fantasy Paranormal

Romance Review

imageTitle: Flesh and Feathers
Author: April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland
Format Read: ebook for tour
Series: The Flesh Series #1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy; Paranormal Romance
Release date: March 31st 2012
Formats Available:  paperback, ebook, kindle
Number of pages: 137





Book Blurb:

Azaleigh’s life is simple until, by chance, she meets Kale. Charming and handsome Az is immediately drawn to him. But long kept secrets lurk in the hearts of those Az holds most dear, and dangerous plans are unfolding around her. As her life begins to crumble and Kale disappears, Gage, charismatic and striking, arrives, providing a calm port in an increasingly violent storm. But with every narrow escape from a far from human bounty hunter after her life, Az begins to unravel a secret with the power to change her forever. In an increasingly hostile world of Angel and Fallen, Azaleigh must navigate her own path, chose her own side, and ultimately protect her heart. Faced with two gorgeous men, an enemy she doesn’t know, and a future she cannot understand, Az must make the choice: the man she loves, or the man she cannot live without.

My Thoughts:

This is a book about angels, but there’s so much more than just that. Azaleigh, or Az as everyone say, doesn’t know about her future and everything that happens around her. But she’s in danger when two different kind of angels fight to dominate.
The book also shows two different kinds of love, and it’s interesting to see that Az, likes both Kale and Gage, but it’s so different, Gage is more like a friendship and the Kale is a deep feeling that changed the way she sees things around her.
I loved the fact that these two men show Az different parts of her life and what she was missing, but there’s so much characters going around that it’s a bit confusing after we get to know the story and the reasoning for her protection. I think the book could be a bit longer and Tobias story could be shared more slower.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Flesh and Feathers
#2 – Flesh and Flames (WIP)



I opened my eyes, and I could see of all the shades of blue that made his eyes so brilliant. They twisted and interlocked, creating the most vibrant color. He leaned towards me, and I felt my legs weak and wanting to give way. He held my gaze, and I wanted so badly to look away; this was not something I was ready for. Finally, his lips were within an inch of mine. I forced my eyes closed as he whispered, “Azaleigh.” He pressed his lips zealously to mine. With each supple kiss, my lips fell in perfect formation. A surge of heat rushed through me. His hands reached up cupping my jaw line on each side, holding me in place. His last kiss gently pulled at my top lip and softly let go. He lingered inches from my face. I stood there with my eyes closed. I was too petrified to open them. I felt his thumb brush across my cheek in reassurance. I couldn’t speak. I was afraid my words would dissolve the moment, and I would never get the magic back again. But like all great things, the end was inevitable.

Review: Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter

imageTitle: Goddess Interrupted
Author: Aimée Carter
Format Read: 
Series: Goddess Test #2
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: March 27th 2012
Formats Available:  ebook, kindle, paperback
Number of pages: 304



Book Blurb:

Kate Winters has won immortality. But if she wants a life with Henry in the Underworld, she’ll have to fight for it.Becoming immortal wasn’t supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld, she’s as isolated as ever. And despite her growing love for Henry, ruler of the Underworld, he’s becoming ever more distant and secretive. Then, in the midst of Kate’s coronation, Henry is abducted by the only being powerful enough to kill him: the King of the Titans.As the other gods prepare for a war that could end them all, it is up to Kate to save Henry from the depths of Tartarus. But in order to navigate the endless caverns of the Underworld, Kate must enlist the help of the one person who is the greatest threat to her future.Henry’s first wife, Persephone.

My Thoughts:

OMG, this book was amazing! I didn’t really knew what to expect after The Goddess Test and I was a bit afraid of Persephone and how she would get in the middle, and that actually happened but this book gave me another view for the gods and I now understand more why she did everything.
Kate as always is amazing, fearless and brave, but still trying to understand her place in this world and now there’s also a Titan on lose that wants nothing more than all Gods destroyed.
I went from don’t understanding Henry in the beginning to loving him in the end. He spend so long alone that is a bit difficult for him to work on his emotions and know what to do and since Kate is young and also doesn’t have a clue things are really difficult but I liked when they actually decided to talk and work things up.
The book ends in a cliff that made me totally want the next one now. Calliope is still a bitch and I wasn’t expecting Ava to betray Kate like that. James has a strange way right now and I don’t really know if it’s worth trust him or not.
I want Henry on the cover for the next book because after everything he’s been through I definily want to picture him right with his emotions controlled and a little smile on his HEA.

Purchase information:



Books in this Series: Widgets

Review: Scrumptious by Amanda Usen

imageTitle: Scrumptious
Author: Amanda Usen
Format Read: e-ARC provided by
NetGalley courtesy of the publisher
Series: none
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Romance
Release date: January 1st 2012
Formats Available: paperback and eBook
Number of pages: 368


Book Blurb:
Sparks between love ’em and leave ’em pastry chef and poker sharp Marlene Bennet and traveling chef-for-hire Joe Rafferty when the two culinary perfectionists are forced to share a kitchen. But several suspicious accidents at the restaurant convince Marlene and Joe to work together to uncover the saboteur. Maybe a little intrigue and high-stakes poker will be the perfect ingredients for these commitment-phobic foodies to whip up a happily ever after.

My Thoughts:

Loved this book, everything is sweet about it, from the cover, to love story and the setting. From the first time I read the summary I feel in love for this story. Both characters had family problems and the way they live is a very expression on how that truly marked them.

Marlene is working on Charmeleon restaurant since her teenage years and is home for her, even if she struggles now to work with the chef. Her best friend owns the place is in the family for generations, but now situation is really difficult since her friend married a truly asshole and Marlie has to accept his orders.

When Olivia, Marlie’s friend discovers her husband cheating on her and files for divorce, the restaurant loses a chef. Marlie thinks that’s her chance to work as chef but Olivia calls Joe to help her out for a while.

I truly understand how Marlie gets upset, thinking that her friend doesn’t appreciate her because she doesn’t have a degree, and the way that she deals with her frustration is one night stand.

Joe on the other end is trying to change his life, from random women to a great job offer, but Marlie becomes more than a friend, and together they try to put the restaurant back on its feet and try to understand their feelings and how to live outside their normal.



Purchase information: