Young Adult Guest Review: Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff

Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles, #1)

Quinn Robbins’ life was everything she thought a teenager’s should be. She has good friends, a family that she loves, good grades, and an after-school job she enjoys. And, she’s just been asked out by Zander Cunningham, a popular football player and great guy. But one day when driving home after picking up her little sister from the baby-sitter’s, she nearly hits a boy who, after running blindly into the street, mysteriously disappears.

The mystery only deepens as she figures out who the boy is; William Rose, a reclusive, awkward boy from school who always has his nose in a pile of books.

As she becomes more aware of his behavior it becomes more obvious how out of the ordinary William is and how hard he deliberately tries to blend into the background. This only intrigues her more and she finds herself working to find out more about him, and exactly where he keeps disappearing to.

On a whim one night she follows him and suddenly finds herself in a new world. One where William is a prince, literally, and she is treated like a princess. She also discovers that she is stuck; the gate back to her own world isn’t always open.

Quinn finds herself smack in the middle of a modern-day fairy tale, on a course that will change her life forever.

Title: Seeds of Discovery
Author: Breeana Puttroff
Series: Dusk Gate Chronicles
Publisher:  Musefish Independent Press 
Format: Kindle Edition
ISBN: 0983993017
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: August 31, 2011
Number of pages: 264

Review by Melissa

Seeds of Discovery is amazing and an Oh-my-gush-I-want-to-have-this-in-my-shelf kind of read. It was literally out of this world and so darn good that I just had to have the second installment (I ❤ one-clicking) to continue Quinn’s adventure in Eirentheos.

I can’t remember the last time I read a book with such a great cast of characters, they were all very likeable, a few more than others, but so nice to meet them all the same. Though I had a hard time remembering all the names of the 15 royal family members and other people, it was easy to identify at least the ones who have a greater part in the story. Thomas takes the medal of the most charming and likeable person in the whole wide world. His personality lit up the darkest of hallways and I really liked how he treated Quinn right from the start. And, William also turned out to be very compassionate and so smart for such a young age, and I was tapping my fingers impatiently for him to make a move towards Quinn, but alas, it didn’t happen so. I also can’t forget there’s Zander from back home. I’m torn between the two, but I’m edging closer to Team Will by the second.

Putting all the romance aside (which is not that much anyway, for now…) the plot was very enjoyable to follow.  A mystery to solve, something fishy is going on as kids in the entire kingdom have been getting sick and no one knows what is causing this, let alone know the right cure for it. I have my sneaking suspicions as to who is behind it all. You see, I’m a natural at discerning mysteries, though I must admit that there aren’t many bad seeds in Eirentheos, so it’s fairly easy to point fingers. If I turn out wrong, then I’ll deny everything I said.

Seeds of Discovery is currently FREE in Amazon right now, so you better grab it pronto, you don’t want to miss this great read! (You should probably get the next five too while you’re at it *wink*).


Series in Order

#1 – Seeds of Discovery
#2 – Roots of Insight
#3 – Thorns of Decision
#4 – Blooms of Consequence
#5 – A Christmas Rose: A Dusk Gate Chronicles Novella
#6 – Canes of Divergence

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Review: Private Arrangements by Brenda Jackson

Private Arrangements

Private Arrangements by Brenda Jackson

Steele Series #10
e-ARC provided by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher

Publisher: Harlequin

Genre: Romance

Release date: January 24th 2012
Number of pages: 224



Book Blurb:

No man has ever tempted her like this… Nikki Cartwright can’t believe Jonas Steele—the Jonas Steele—has chosen her for a high-profile marketing venture. It could make her career. But when she remembers the kiss they once shared, a kiss so intimate it sent their desire skyrocketing from simmering to blazing, Nikki knows she must guard her heart against the seductive Phoenix playboy as if her life depends on it. Jonas has no problem making their professional relationship personal. With the beautiful and talented photographer within his reach, he can erase her from his system once and for all. From a whirlwind Las Vegas affair to jet-setting across four continents, this Steele discovers getting Nikki out of his system is easier said than done, and now he wants her to belong to him heart and soul—as the woman of his most passionate fantasies.…

My Thoughts:

I’ve read two books from Brenda Jackson this month and I must say that her writing is perfect and engaging and I simply couldn’t put it down, although those two are part of a series and we get to take a glimpse of the other couples. This is the kind of family that pushes for the next generation, kind of like The Macgregor’s from Nora Roberts.
This story is about Nikki and Jonas. They only shared a kiss months ago but both cloud not forget and live without trying to see why all the steamy coming from them when close.
Jonas is a bachelor just like all his brothers, so the only thing he can see is a great night of sex with Nikki and maybe breakfast, but she wants something more from him, maybe a faery tale, but she’s wants Mr. Perfect and Jonas knows that, maybe that’s why things are so difficult at first. They work together, desire is a big part of the relation and the future is a big ?, so what to do.
I liked how the author made the changes in Jonas, not that he’s bad but to really love someone he must change his way of thought and try to see things from others perspective. Nikki also needed some change, maybe because she thought her life be like in a romance where everything is perfect and she needed a reality check.
I liked the book and is in my comfort zone, plus has a HEA. Great.

Books in this Series:

#1 –   Solid Soul
#2 -  Night Heat
#3 –  Beyond Temptation
#4 -  Risky pleasures
#5 – Irresistible forces
#6 – Quade’s Babies
#7 – Intimate Seduction
#8 – Hidden Pleasures
#9 – A Steele for Christmas
#10 – Private Arrangements


She didn’t have the good mind to back up and his body pressed against hers. She felt crowded and it was at that moment her temper exploded. “And who the hell are you supposed to be? You’re someone I slept with one time. And that’s your famous motto—‘one and done’—isn’t it? Or have you forgotten? In case you have, then let me remind you. One and done, Jonas.

And that one time doesn’t give you any rights and  you of all men wouldn’t want them if it did. So what in God’s name is your problem?”

He rubbed his hand down his face, inwardly ac-knowledging that he honestly didn’t know what his problem was. The only thing he knew was that he wanted her again. Here. Right now. “You, Nikki Cartwright, seem to be my problem,” he said in a low steely tone, seconds before grabbing her around the waist, lowering his head and sinking his mouth down on hers.

Review: Irresistible Forces by Brenda Jackson

Kimani Romance Review

imageTitle: Irresistible Forces
Author: Brenda Jackson
Format Read: 
freebie from Amazon
Series: Steele Series #5
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Romance
Release date: May 1st 2008
Formats Available:  paperback, ebook, kindle
Number of pages: 256





Book Blurb:

One week of mind-blowing sex on a beautiful Caribbean island. Of all the business proposals financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has heard, Taylor Steele’s is definitely the most tempting. All Taylor wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby. No strings, no commitments…just a mutually satisfying arrangement. Make that very satisfying. For a man with no intention of marrying again, it sounds ideal.

Taylor wants a baby, not a relationship. And sexy, intelligent Dominic seems like a man with perfect genes. Turns out, Dominic has perfect everything. Their “procreation vacation” is a whirlwind of sensual ecstasy. But when it’s over, will either of them be able to say goodbye?

My Thoughts:

I’ve read some of the Westmoreland books last year and enjoyed Brenda Jackson way of writing. So once I saw this book as a freebie from Amazon decided that it was worth a shot even thought I haven’t read anything from this family.
I loved the story and Taylor is very strong and knows exactly what she wants, and that’s how she asked Dominic for a child. She wanted one week of sex with no relationship between them besides the baby they wanted.
Dominic was a very good character and after being married I was ok with his way of thinking and actually liked how he made his business and acted the reality. His now a widow but wanted to have a kid, an heir for his family business. Nothing bad about that and Taylor proposition was actually really good.
But the chemistry was way hotter than both could ever imagine and one week was not enough so when the week was over and they continued to share phone calls and even sex sometimes Dominic started to realize that some feelings he wasn’t expecting were growing.
I liked the fact that some characters from other books in this series stopped by and the finale was extra special.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Solid Soul
#2- Night Heat
#3 – Beyond Temptation
#4 – Risky Pleasures
#5 – Irresistible Forces
#6 – Quade’s Babies (Silhouette Desire) (The Westmoreland Series)
#7 – Intimate Seduction
#8 – Hidden Pleasures
#9 – A Steele for Christmas

Review: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

imageTitle: Everneath
Author: Brodi Ashton
Format Read: 
Series: Everneath #1
Publisher: Harper Collins / Balzer + Bray
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: January 24th 2012
Formats Available:  hardcover, paperback, kindle, ebook
Number of pages: 370



Book Blurb:

Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath, where immortals Feed on the emotions of despairing humans. Now she’s returned- to her old life, her family, her friends- before being banished back to the underworld… this time forever.
She has six months before the Everneath comes to claim her, six months for good-byes she can’t find the words for, six months to find redemption, if it exists.
Nikki longs to spend these months reconnecting with her boyfriend, Jack, the one person she loves more than anything. But there’s a problem: Cole, the smoldering immortal who first enticed her to the Everneath, has followed Nikki to the mortal world. And he’ll do whatever it takes to bring her back- this time as his queen.
As Nikki’s time grows short and her relationships begin slipping from her grasp, she’s forced to make the hardest decision of her life: find a way to cheat fate and remain on the Surface with Jack or return to the Everneath and become Cole’s…

My Thoughts:

When I first discovered that this book was inspired in mythology he was put very fast on my wishlist and since is a recent release when can all know that he passed in front of a long TBR pile. And I don’t regret it, because he’s so good.
At first I was a little confused because the time is a bit different and we get to understand things better as the book move along. The chapters are separated as now and the past in the tunnels. But the story is very engaging and I couldn’t put it down.
I don’t blame Nikki for her actions, because Cole took advantage off a girl tormented by her feelings and lost of a beloved person. She was alone and he used some powers to mix her thoughts, so for that I don’t like him. but toward the end my view changed and I don’t know now what to think of him, maybe in the next book will know more, if he’s really bad or something else.
Jack is a sweet guy and he certainly has great sentences. And we also have to take in considerate that he never gave up on searching for Nikki, isn’t it sweet? Anyway I’ll read the next one when released, and I loved this peace of hell on earth.

Purchase information:


Books in this Series:

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Review: Hold me by Betsy Horvath

Hold me by Betsy Horvath
Genre: Romance
Format: ebook, 306 pages
Read: October 16 to 18, 2011
Release Date: September 5th 2011

Betsy Horvath – website | twitter
Amazon – Kindle
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Why I Started This Book:

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.


Katie McCabe’s life is going nowhere fast when FBI Special Agent Lucas Vasco jumps into her car at an intersection. Luc, his undercover guise blown, is on the run from the Mafia and expects to be killed at any moment. What he doesn’t plan on is finding himself attracted to the firecracker beside him. He feels compelled to protect her when her life is threatened, and insists she stay with him for her own safety. 

After learning she has become the target of a psychotic hit man, Katie is whisked off to Luc’s house to hide. Once there, she’s shocked to discover that she and Luc have an unexpected connection—a connection Luc already knew existed, but withheld. Will their intense attraction reach flashpoint despite their misunderstandings and the pain of the past? 


  • Katie McCabe
  • Lucas Vasco

My Thoughts:

Lucas Vasco is a FBI agent who in the first chapter was working undercover but had to get away to save his life and when his car stop in the middle of a highway his only choice is to catch a ride with a homan, and worst off all a civilian.

Katie was only going home after a tiring day at the new job when a atranger gets in her tiny car, who also has a name, but I won’t say not to spoil it the fun.

The truth is that they never saw each other but Lucas hasa photo off Katie when she was just a teenager and amazing as that sounds he fall in love with her.

But the bad guys start to follow their lead and Katie has to hide on the best place is Lucas house.

The book is all about hiding, running, and car racing, but they do dealt with their fellings in the end.

You Might Enjoy This Book If:

You like a good police book, with a tinny romance.

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