Romance Review: Something’s Cooking by Meg Lacey

Something's Cooking

Tess Banyon has turned her brilliant recipe and crafting ideas into a multimedia empire. Landing her own TV show throws her into a panic. If she’s not careful, the public will discover she isn’t the domestic diva everyone thinks she is. Investigative reporter Josh Faraday smells something smoking in Tess’s world. His goal to expose the real Tess goes into overdrive when she lands a television show deal. He secures an assignment to shadow her, reporting on her program, but what he’s really doing is getting dirt for his expose. Things get even stickier when Tess’s family play matchmaker. There’s no shortage of fire between them, and after an impulsive night together, Josh discovers a story he never expected–or bargained for.

Title: Something’s Cooking
Author: Meg Lacey
Publisher:  Entangled: Indulgence
Format: e-ARC from publisher
ISBN: 1622661745
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 12th 2013
Number of pages: 182

This was a fun read and I liked the family meddling and even the romance, but the secrets for me was changing point. I never would accept Josh back after realizing he was responsible for months of stalker behavior. He is a reporter and for months now the only subject in his column is Tess career, so after he came clean it was a bit strange for me the way she just forgot things.

I liked Tess family, they are fun and very honest but didn’t liked the way they kept pushing things when all of them had something to lose especially Tess, it fell like a betrayal for me. Tess in the entire was this fun and cute girl who had no idea what to do in her kitchen, but she made things up and really new how to light up a room, but her life was a controlled mess and when Josh appeared things got a little out of hand.

I liked these two together, because Tess brought more life to Josh, he only think about career and we can clearly see that family is touchy subject, so this was nice. But Josh could have changed things earlier in the book for me.




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