Review: Casting Samson by Melinda Hammond

Casting Samson by Melinda Hammond
Genre: Romance
Format: ebook, 214 pages
Read: November 07 to 09, 2011
Release Date: October 17th 2011
Carina Press

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Why I Started This Book:

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.  


Finding your boyfriend in the shower with another woman isn’t high on Deborah Kemerton’s “best birthday presents ever” list. Her life in London shattered, she retreats to her sleepy hometown to heal her broken heart. There, she’s quickly swept up in planning a pageant to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the village church. Tasked with casting the perfect Samson, Deborah may have found her man in Josh Lancaster—onstage and off… 
Fellow committee member Anne Lindsay is convinced a 12th-century crusader is buried under St. John’s. As the story goes, Hugo left for the Holy Land after his true love Maude was given in marriage to his brother. Professor Toby Duggan is equally convinced Anne is wrong, and is determined to prove it. Neither of them counts on their mutual passion for history turning into a passion for each other…
When romantic entanglements and small-town dramatics come to a head, local legend proves to be more than just a story…

  •  Deborah Kemerton
  • Josh
My Thoughts:

First off all, I loved the first sentence, made me laugh when I finally stopped to read the rest of it.

Deborah comes back home after finding her boyfriend with other women on her birthday, and her parents think is good for her to do things and keep busy, so she joins the a group off neighbours trying to organize a carnival for the aniversary off the church.

I first though the book was a little confusing, when sudenlly a chapter start with the Templar story, and there are a lot like this. But others things were really good, like the fact that the author used others characters too, making them also find their happy ending. 

The story was well writen and fast paced, and the teasing beween Anne and the professor was very sweet and fun to read and cheer for. Some parts were fun and interesting, like Josh playing with Deborah jeaulosy about Demelza, and carnival.

Overall the book is all very fun, and the Templar part is very self explanatory, I don’t know if is historially correct, but you can really feel in the story.