Blog Tour Young Adult Review: Awakenings by Hally Willmott

Welcome to my stop on the Awakenings blog tour hosted by YA Bound. Click HERE to see the full blog tour schedule!Awakenings (Elemental Series #1)

When sixteen-year old Jacey Adison’s parents tell her they must move again, she has never questioned their life style. Until now. When Jacey was two, her parents fled the protection of their birthplace, the mystical dimension of Nemele. Leaving was the only solution her parents believed might allow them to keep their family together and alive.
The Adisons have been running from a sect of iniquitous beings from Nemele who covet Jacey. Her parents have repressed their adversaries’ relentless tracking efforts by not utilizing their own mystical powers. They have chosen to conceal themselves within the only realm they knew they’d be able to survive. They are living under their self-imposed powerless sanctions on Earth, which constitutes the nineteenth nation of Nemele.
Her parents have never revealed their true identities to Jacey, consequently keeping her true lineage and unique birthright from her. Jacey’s family has pretended to be non-magical humans as a ploy to prevent an ancient omnipotent entity from killing more innocent beings in its relentless quest to possess Jacey.
Born as an anomaly, Jacey possesses rare abilities that both virtuous and corrupt entities seek to use as their own. Should either side prevail, Jacey may be the saviour or downfall of every world within Nemele’s domains. Blindly thrust into life and death situations, Jacey learns of her true powers within her dreaming and conscious states.

Title: Awakenings
Author: Hally Willmott
Series: Elemental
Publisher:  Limitless Publishing
Format: ebook for the tour
Genre: Young Adult
Release date: May 2013
Number of pages: 359

I do love a great fantasy book and this one has lots of strange things without explanations happening every time. But the best part is for me was learning about a new world or as this case, a different dimension. I really liked Jacey and the story kept me hooked on her discovering’s and the challenges she faced every day, but it took me awhile to actually get in the book, hence the 4 star rating.
Jacey is so full of live and she’s mostly not afraid of her future and what magic may bring to her life, it was really interesting seeing things happening and how much she suffered after her parents died right in the begin, but Jacey went through with her life and discovered a great deal of danger and drama.
I also liked Hudson and Jen, they are perfect as friends and family, both are very supportive and protective, but I liked how things turned for these two. I had some surprises toward the end of the book, but things were awesome.

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About the Author:

Author for Limitless Publishing. Wife, mother and Police Officer 🙂

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Book Tour and Giveaway: The Game by Shane Scollins

Welcome to my stop for The Game blog tour hosted by YA Bound. Click HERE to see the full blog tour schedule!

The Game

No matter where you are, they’ll find you, and put you in “The GAME”.
Candice Laguna’s life is being systematically dismantled, by an unknown force, for a reason she can’t imagine. But she is about to become the unwilling star of a reality game competition the likes of which has never been broadcast to the world.
Just when things get darkest, a mysterious man snatches her from the grips of doom. He is a man who is not what he appears, and not who he says. He has no name and his motivation to help Candice is not what it seems to be.
THE GAME is a mystery/thriller with an unpredictable paranormal twist. It has action and adventure and plays up the everyday exploitation of reality television obsession gone wrong.

Title: The Game
Author: Shane Scollins
Publisher:  Limitless Publishing
Format: ebook for the tour
Genre: Mystery
Release date: March 13th 2013
Number of pages: 231

First thing that caught my eye was this great cover and I was instantly curious about the story, but the author delivered a great mystery with many twists and lots of changes that I wasn’t expecting, so it was a really interesting book to follow and the story is current.
I really liked Candice, she was a string girl and the challenges just pushed her more to fight back and keep going. It was great seeing her toughen up and prepare to battle to save her friend. Not everyone would do it, but she face it with a lot of strength. Along the way we got to meet Vince and discovered a jaded guy with emotions and a good heart and I liked seeing him helping Candice and fighting for the true, he’s a great guy and needed to see this investigation end with a positive outcome.
I really liked the mystery and would definitely indicate for people that like surprises along with danger.





Shane Scollins is a freelance writer and author. Originally from New Jersey, he now resides in Upstate New York with his wife, Heather. He has worked as an automotive service manager, a website developer and a computer network engineer. Primarily a science fiction and paranormal novelist, Shane enjoys taking readers on surprising and unexpected journeys that twist reality. He is currently working on his next book.

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