Review: Ravished Before Sunrise by Lia Davis

Ravished Before Sunrise (1 Night Stand, #110)Title: Ravished Before Sunrise
Author: Lia Davis
Series: 1 Night Stand
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing Company
Format: ebook provided for the book tour
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: May 1st 2012
Number of pages: 34

Born with the unusual ability to see what truly lies in the shadows, Emalee Black is stuck between two worlds, the paranormal and the human. Neither one accepts or understands her and she’s forced to live a quiet, boring life in hiding. When her best friend mentions 1Night Stand dating service, Ema chooses a role-playing adventure straight out of her romantic fantasies. She’s to hunt her very own vampire and have her wicked way him.

Vampire Darian Wyman is surprised when his daughter signs him up for a one-night stand with an exclusive matchmaking agency. At first he’s appalled by the idea, but as he reads the details of the date, he becomes intrigued. For one night he will get away from the life he has long grown tired of to be hunted and captured by a would-be huntress. But he has plans of his own for his little vixen.

However, when Darian discovers the truth about Ema’s inhuman abilities, the date could end before it gets started.


The book started of pretty funny with a human and her witch friend sighing up for 1Night Stand and them we jumped right into the vampire POV. It was interesting to see how much these two anticipated the little adventure. Oh, and the vampire’s daughter is responsible for his part and made it all without his knowledge, but he kinda liked.
A little bit of action was actually really good in the book and made the hunting more real. Plus we discovered more about Ema’s powers and where they come from. Darian is pure sin and a bit romantic mourning for his lost mate until now.
The sex was amazing and Darian knew exactly how to help her and keep both of them save and alive. But the epilogue made everything more sweet, plus we get the sense of time passing and the life after 1Night Stand.

Review: Retreat Hell! She just got here by Heather Long


Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #2)


Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here by Heather Long

e-ARC provided by the author for a review
Always a Marine #1
Publisher: Decadent Publishing, LLC
Format: ebook
Genre: Erotica
Release date: April 21st 2012
Number of pages: 50
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Book Blurb:

She’s one of the few…

Jazz has been one of the guys for over a decade, serving her country with distinction, but she longs to explore her femininity, to be desired as a woman, to flirt, cavort and fulfill every sexual desire. When her mother, of all people, signs her up for a 1Night Stand, she’s not sure whether to be exhilarated or pissed. She flew all the way to Las Vegas on the promise of a total escape, to be Jasmine for just one night, because tomorrow, she plans to re-up for another five years.

They’re two of the proud…

Logan Cavanaugh grew up across the street from his best friend and ‘brother’ Zach Evans. Inseparable, the two shared everything until a year before when an IED attack took out the Humvee they traveled in with Colonel Dexter. Zach suffered a concussion, but Logan’s injuries were far more extensive. After a year of physical therapy, he can walk, but he’ll never run or love a woman again, or so he fears. Logan seemed ready to accept his impotence until Zach came home. Now the ‘brothers’ are in Vegas to meet the perfect woman, the woman who can heal Logan’s confidence and masculinity.

They’re all Marines…
They’ve shared everything, but will one night be enough?

My Thoughts:

This book is more intense than the first in this series. There’s ménage. But we could all she how nicely treated the story is handled.


Jazz is trying to feel more feminine and decided to have an 1 Night stand with her most desired fantasy. Two men pleasing her and making her feel sexy and the best women in the world. She’s a Marine and is used to deal with men all day.


Logan is trying to make his friend Zach feel alive after an incident with and IED. They had a few threesomes before and now Zach is having problems to go back to his sexual life after years of fisicoteraphy.


I loved how Jazz understood the emotions and feelings going on the date and tried to make things better and funnier. Logan is the best friend ever by helping his friend. Zach really needed this night and everything was perfect and really sexy. Loved.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Once her man, always her man
#2 – Retreat Hell!! She just got here

Review: Once her man, Always her man by Heather Long

Once Her Man, Always Her Man (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #1)

Once her man, Always her man by Heather Long

e-ARC provided by the author for a review
Always a Marine #1
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781613332603
Genre: Erotica
Release date: April 7th 2012
Number of pages: 39
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Book Blurb:

Fulfilling a favor and executing a business plan, Luke Dexter arrives at Dallas’ Sybarite Club for a one-night stand. He never imagined he’d come face to face with the woman he left behind a decade earlier.

Rebecca Rainier fell in love with Luke Dexter in high school and was crushed when he dumped her to join the Marines after 9/11. Set up on a 1Night Stand by her business partner, nothing could prepare Rebecca for who her date is.

Can Luke and Rebecca bridge the pain of a decade-long abandonment, in one cold Texas night?

My Thoughts:

This is not my first read in this series, but don’t worry they are all good stand-alone. Several short books with very spicy encounters. I love a good erotica, but these books are mostly all about a good sex and a fun night.


These one was actually a good surprise because the two characters had a relationship while in high school and previously had feelings for each other. Rebecca is very successful in her job but is still in love with her high school boyfriend, so since him no boy has ever made her feel the same way. A friend of her made her sign for the 1 Night Stand program for a night of fun.


Luke left town and joined the army but now he’s back and never considered that the women meeting him for a 1 Night Stand would be his ex-girlfriend. So now he has one more chance to make things right and this night is all about forgiveness.


I loved the way both characters are still in love and trying to understand how to move forward after all these years, plus the sex was crazy good.

Books in this Series:

#1 – Once her man, always her man
#2 – Retreat Hell!! She just got here

Review: The Virgin & The Playboy by Kate Richards

imageTitle: The Virgin & The Playboy
Author: Kate Richards
Format Read: 
Series: 1 Night Stand #2
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release date: March 18th 2011
Formats Available:  ebook, kindle
Number of pages: 25




Book Blurb:

Julie, accidental virgin, has waited longer than she ever planned to lose her virginity and join everyone else she knows in dating reality. Embarrassed at her plight, she has made arrangements with to meet with a handsome stranger for one night of no commitment required sexuality, without having to admit she’d never made love before.
Mark is the one single guy left in his group of friends. As such, he is known for the bevy of lovelies he dates, and his stories of wild exploits between the sheets. His participation in is on a dare, and he has no idea that his date is…less experienced than he is used to. And so much more…
When they enter the penthouse suite in Las Vegas, they enter a chamber designed for luxury and booked for a 1NightStand.

My Thoughts:

A very well written short story. I usually don’t like when there’s only few pages on a book but this one was a bit addictive and I was actually looking forward to the end and to find out if they were going to be together. Crazy right?
This was a good surprise. Julie wanted to have what every other girl does, a normal sexual life the only problem for her is her virginity. So she hires a company specialized in dates as the said 1 Night
Mark is a normal guy who dates a lot, and his married friends consider him a womanizer, and truth is he’s kinda happy with his life and his friends dare him to join the same company Julie did.
They never met and only dated with one propose in mind (sex), so these two actually met in a hotel in Las Vegas (perfect place!!) and is kinda awkward in the very begging since they don’t know how to proceed but once one kiss is shared is like everything is set in motion and they have chemistry together.
The sex scene was very good and I liked how sweet Mark was about her virginity, another plus. In the end I was hoping the story could go on, since it was very good.

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Books in this Series:

There is so many that this time I’ll leave you guys with a link to the series here.