Review: The Sheikh’s Redemption by Olivia Gates

The Sheikh's RedemptionTitle: The sheikh’s Redemption
Author:  Olivia Gates
Series: Desert Nights
Publisher:  Harlequin
Format: ebook
ISBN: 0373731787
Genre: Romance
Release date: June 5th 2012
Number of pages: 192



"He would claim the throne. And her… "For Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan, taking the reins of a kingdom in chaos is a matter of honor. Not that his rivals to the throne would be defeated easily. And then there is Roxanne Gleeson, the one woman whose memory he cannot erase, the lover who once rejected him. Now she pretends a cold disdain for their once-and still-desperate passion. But he will not be denied either the throne of his motherland or Roxanne back in his bed. One is his birthright, the other his heart’s desire. And together they are…his redemption.
My Thoughts


I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The book tells the story of love, but of redemption. I know that is the name of the book but we can follow Haidar through his actions and see that some moments he chose to change and be a better person.
Haidar had an affair with Roxanne few years back and now they meet again. He is a candidate to the throne and the other two contestants are part of his family. But his past is not very good and his mother made a few mistakes that polluted his life. He’s got money and is very successful with his companies, but his mother wanted for him to be a king and tried to destroy a family to accomplish her dreams.
Haidar relationship with Roxanne ended because his mother got in the middle, at first she destroyed Roxanne’s family and them she kept lying to Haidar. He’s childhood was really bad and it seams nobody ever noticed how dark he was growing up. His mother is a really messed up woman.
So now in the present he met Roxanne again and tried to reconnect, but the feelings are still strong and she’s trying to work in forgetting him. His fears and her job kept getting in the middle.
I liked parts of the book. Haidar is a really dark person because of his mother and needs to learn to love like a normal person without judging and trusting. Roxanne is a pretty normal girl that feel in love young for a uptight guy, but never really tried to forget him and follow her life. True is the belong together and the chemistry is very strong. But this was not my favorite sheikh.


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