Review: Tool Belt Defender by Carla Cassidy

imageTitle: Tool Belt Defender
Author: Carla Cassidy 
Format Read: e-ARC provided by NetGalley courtesy of the publisher

Series: Lawmen of Black Road #5 
Publisher:  Harlequin
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Release date: December 20th 2011
Formats Available: paperback, ebook, kindle 
Number of pages: 224


Book Blurb:
“It’s party time.”
That’s the “invitation” shoved under her door. It’s got Brittany Grayson fearing for her life…and her sanity. She’s sure the monster who once held her captive for months is dead, so why his chilling words in the note? His menacing face in the window? And why won’t anyone —even her lawmen brothers—believe that somehow he’s after her again?
Brittany just wants a normal, independent life in Black Rock. Romance is out of the question…although she’s okay as friends-with-benefits with Alex Crawford, her hunky, marriage-phobic contractor. Alex, a single dad, has his own good reasons not to fall for Brittany. But none of them matter when the race is on to find the killer who’s kidnapped her!

My Thoughts:

First I’ve read on this series and I have to say that it was a great surprise. I’ve heard great things about Carla Cassidy but have never actually had the pleasure of reading her romances.

This is a family series and I love those, but this is #5 and I didn’t the others, which doesn’t really matter since romances are never really connected within each other. And this book is a story about trust, finding love after some unpleasant times and starting over.
So Brittany Grayson suffered during four month while kidnapped by a crazy person and after being rescued by her brothers she’s stills several months later trying to find normality on her life and thinking of everything she almost lost brings Alex Crawford to her life.
While in captive she made a list of things to change and decided to start buy building a deck behind her house and Alex is the new handy man in town, and he’s also trying to find a life after losing his wife and having to raise a child alone is difficult for a big time layer.
While Brittany and Alex are trying to with their feelings another crazy person decides to attack Brittany by coping what the other did while this time going until the end. Is a romance with a lot of suspense and a quick read but very good read?

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