Romance Review: Tycoon Reunion by Candace Havens and Shannon Leigh

Tycoon ReunionTycoon Reunion by Candace Havens, Shannon Leigh
 Entangled: Indulgence
ISBN: 1622664868
Genre: Romance
Release date: February 10th 2014 
Number of pages:  80
Source: Publisher

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I received this book from Entangled: Indulgence in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Sparks fly when a project brings a heartbreaker back to town and into the path of the woman he left behind. He’s determined to win her over in the boardroom … and the bedroom!



I know this is a novella, but the story felt a little too rushed for me. Jake wanted the girl back the moment he saw her again, but they never really discussed the reason he never came back, so for me it was strange the way Annabelle just accepted him back after ten years.

I liked Annabelle and her sister, it was fun the moment in the restaurant too, but Jack was a workaholic that realise he missed the girl for ten years and now he has to have her. The romance was missing in the conversations, but I liked the sex, even if it was way too fast.

Contact the Author: Website | Goodreads

Contact the Author: Website | Goodreads | Twitter

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Romance Review: To Catch a Princess by Caridad Pineiro

To Catch a Princess

Untold wealth, a loving family, a solid career in America: the only thing Princess Tatiana lacks is the one thing she really doesn’t want—a husband. Unfortunately, her parents have just arranged her marriage to a royal from the old country. Are they kidding? It’s the twenty-first century! Police Detective Peter Roman is a royal living incognito … and escaping a secret that has haunted his family for years. He’s been quietly in love with his best friend Prince Alexander’s sister for as long as he can remember. Little does she know that he is secretly the Grand Duke to whom she is unwillingly betrothed…When a series of high-end jewelry heists threatens Tatiana’s exclusive charity exhibition in glamorous Monaco, the two must trap the clever jewel thief before he strikes again. In a fight for their lives, Peter’s secret identity is revealed. With danger and passion increasing to the breaking point, she must decide: catch a thief…or trust the heart of her true love.

Title: To Catch a Princess
Author: Caridad Pineiro
Series: Gambling on Love
Publisher:  Entangled: Suspense
Format: ebook from publisher
ISBN: 162266132X
Genre: Romance
Release date: Expected publication: August 26th 2013
Number of pages: 250

I had no idea this was actually the second book in a series and discovered only after already halfway in, but it can be read as a stand alone with no problem because the story is more a romance than a investigation. We have a few glimpses of the first book and the couple is living happily ever after.

But the story is actually about Princess Tatiana discovering a few secrets and falling in love. When I first discovered her parents had already arranged a marriage, it was actually quite disturbing, but the guy is a prince and not half bad, the only problem is she never saw him and can’t shake the feeling this is completely wrong. She wants to fall in love and live a normal life without the splendor and paparazzi in every corner.

Peter is really nice and he had a rough life, but chose a completely different place to live and now he’s a cop. Strange right, but his father is still meddling and now he has to marry a princess, not the most difficult thing for him, because he likes her already and she is his best friend sister. But the story is story is more than just a romance and Peter is also investigating a series of robberies, and Tatiana could be a victim in the very near future.

So Peter is now her bodyguard and it’s trying to keep everything save while they discover this new relationship. I liked the romance and Peter, but Tatiana for me was just okay.


Series in Order

#1 – The Prince’s Gamble
#2 – To Catch a Princess

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Romance Review: Something’s Cooking by Meg Lacey

Something's Cooking

Tess Banyon has turned her brilliant recipe and crafting ideas into a multimedia empire. Landing her own TV show throws her into a panic. If she’s not careful, the public will discover she isn’t the domestic diva everyone thinks she is. Investigative reporter Josh Faraday smells something smoking in Tess’s world. His goal to expose the real Tess goes into overdrive when she lands a television show deal. He secures an assignment to shadow her, reporting on her program, but what he’s really doing is getting dirt for his expose. Things get even stickier when Tess’s family play matchmaker. There’s no shortage of fire between them, and after an impulsive night together, Josh discovers a story he never expected–or bargained for.

Title: Something’s Cooking
Author: Meg Lacey
Publisher:  Entangled: Indulgence
Format: e-ARC from publisher
ISBN: 1622661745
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 12th 2013
Number of pages: 182

This was a fun read and I liked the family meddling and even the romance, but the secrets for me was changing point. I never would accept Josh back after realizing he was responsible for months of stalker behavior. He is a reporter and for months now the only subject in his column is Tess career, so after he came clean it was a bit strange for me the way she just forgot things.

I liked Tess family, they are fun and very honest but didn’t liked the way they kept pushing things when all of them had something to lose especially Tess, it fell like a betrayal for me. Tess in the entire was this fun and cute girl who had no idea what to do in her kitchen, but she made things up and really new how to light up a room, but her life was a controlled mess and when Josh appeared things got a little out of hand.

I liked these two together, because Tess brought more life to Josh, he only think about career and we can clearly see that family is touchy subject, so this was nice. But Josh could have changed things earlier in the book for me.




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Romance Review: Two Wrongs, One Right by Katee Robert

Two Wrongs, One Right (Come Undone, #3)

Eight years ago, former Army sergeant Nathan Schultz let the love of his life disappear without a fight. After watching everyone around him find happiness while he slipped further away, he’s finally ready to fight for Chelsea Callaghan—and he’s not afraid to play dirty.
Chelsea has always followed her conservative family’s rules—with one heartbreaking exception. When she receives an invitation to an old high school friend’s wedding, she knows who’s to blame. Though she goes solely to give Nathan a piece of her mind, he blackmails her into staying the entire week. With him.
There’s no way she’ll bow to Nathan’s will without making him pay. Unfortunately, revenge is a dish best served fully clothed, and they can’t be in the same room without losing theirs. As insatiable, anger-fueled lust shifts into something more, they begin to lose sight of why they can’t be together. But with so many unforgivable wrongs between them, can Nathan and Chelsea ever make things right?

Title: Two Wrongs, One Right
Author: Katee Robert
Series: Come Undone
Publisher:  Entangled: Brazen
Format: ebook from publisher
ISBN: 1622667824
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 12th 2013
Number of pages: 250

I was so excited for Nathan story because we’ve been following him and he deserves a happy ending too. I loved his character in the previous book and he needed someone to help him light up. We can clearly see that his mother passing and the years in the Army really puled a number on him. But the true is I was never expecting this kind of secret. But I liked Chelsea, she’s a bit immature for me and never stands up for herself, but she was good for Nathan.

This plot started with Elle and Gabe wedding so we can see all those couples again, and even watch Gabe and Ian speechless after Nathan told the big secret. So fun. Can I say that for me Danielle has a better personality than Chelsea.

Nathan and Chelsea have problems with discussing things like adults, but maybe is because they know each other since the teenage years, but this problem still exist and the reason for the four stars is that. I wanted a more mature relationship.


Series in Order

#1 – Wrong Bed, Right Guy
#2 – Chasing Mrs. Right

#3 – Two Wrongs, One Right


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Entangled Indulgence Releases for August!

This month Entangled is releasing some very sweet and fun books on the Indulgence line. The covers as always are amazing and the plot goes from culinary goddess to some very sexy player. The covers are links to Amazon. Some of these pretties are hitting the shelves tomorrow so you better rush to it. Smiley piscando

Something's CookingSomething’s cookin in more than the kitchen…

Tess Banyon is a ‘Martha Stewart’ type of homemaker-guru-marketing-entrepreneur-extraordinaire.  Investigative journalist, Josh Farraday’s  is determined to convince the women of America that Tess is too good to be true.

He’s right. 

Tess is a marvelous marketer with tons of ideas, but she can’t really cook and has been known to attach herself to a grapevine wreath with her glue gun.  Now she’s doing her own TV show, and Josh has been assigned to do a behind-the-scenes story.

Their first meeting is a disaster, but Tess’ mom, Clarie, and sister, Marla, decide that tough, uncompromising, sexy Josh is the perfect man for their uptight, workaholic, adorable Tess.  The only problem is convincing both of them.  Tess and Josh are manipulated into spending all of their time together.  That’s when all hell breaks lose.

Although Tess and Josh loathe each other on the surface, underneath, their passion is threatening to bubble over. 

Talking Dirty With the Player (Talking Dirty, #2)

Up-and-coming photographer Judith Ashton is pretty sure she has everything in her life under control. That is, until a blast from the past comes back to taunt her, in the shape of Caleb Steele, her older brother’s best friend…and the man who broke her heart eight years ago. Their chemistry is combustible, but she’s been fooled once by this player, and she’s not going there again.

To pro rugby player Caleb, Judith has always been his Kryptonite. But his former playboy lifestyle is the last thing she wants to be involved in. In the midst of her brother’s threats to back off, and the deal of his career sending him far away from her, he knows he’s playing with fire. And this is one game he’s going to lose.

The Best Man's Baby (A Red River Book)

Florist Claire Holbrook has always played by the rules her entire life, but breaks them to spend one night with sexy lone wolf Jake Manning, a man she’s adored since she was a teenager. Six weeks later, things get complicated when she discovers they created a bond that will last a lifetime

Jake has never played by the rules. Getting Minister Holbrook’s daughter pregnant wasn’t part of any life plan, but he won’t run from his responsibilities. He’ll step up and be the best man he can, even if he doesn’t have a clue where to begin. The more time he spends with Claire, though, the more he wants her, and the harder it is to get close, because that would mean sharing the one thing he hasn’t with anyone–the truth and his heart.

Gamble in Gold: A Flirting to Win Novella

The one that got away…

Seven years have passed since shy Lexie Peterson had her heart trampled by her teenage crush. When she comes face to face with him in London, she vows to stay strong against his charms. But there’s something about the man who has always made the impossible seem possible.

When Luke Marchetti walks into his flat to find Lexie in a negligee, all he can think of is having a little flirt and fling. But sweet, caring Lexie is all grown up now, and her determination to keep him at a distance makes him realize she deserves more than he can offer.

One kiss when they were younger ignited a passion that lasted seven long years. But is it enough to entice the two to take a gamble?

Romance Review and #Giveaway: Chasing Mrs. Right by Katee Robert

Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone, #2)

It was only supposed to last one night…
Roxanne Stokes doesn’t believe in love. She does, however, believe in the sexy-as-sin stranger who literally knocks her off her feet in front of a nightclub. The chemistry sparking between them takes her breath away, and she’ll do anything to ease the pain in his eyes…until she realizes the handsome stranger is her best friend’s older brother who’s just come home from war.
Ian Walser had no idea the gorgeous woman he slept with the night of his homecoming party was his little sister’s best friend—or that she’d be gone before morning. Roxanne’s touch soothes him in a way nothing else can, and he’s not ready to walk away from that yet. Not when spending time with her gave Ian a glimpse of everything he’s ever wanted.
When his sister unwittingly pushes them together, he sees his chance. But convincing a woman who doesn’t believe in love that she’s his Mrs. Right might be harder than any mission Ian’s undertaken. Good thing this soldier likes a challenge…

Title: Chasing Mrs. Right
Author: Katee Robert
Series: Come Undone
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
Format: ebook
ISBN: 1622667875
Genre: Romance
Release date: March 25th 2013
Number of pages: 263
I’m loving this series, but the first book was better for me. I liked Ian and understand his reasons for PTSD. He was also better in handling his family craziness, but this couple was really nice together. I liked Roxanne from the first book and she is sassy and very upfront, just not the one-night stand type, so it was a little strange or me to see her trust so easily in Ian.
During the conversations we have a glimpse of her past and I can see her reasons to run a little from a boyfriend and I liked seeing Ian fighting for her, because they are so good together. She helped him sleep better and he certainly helped her self-esteem problems. This was a nice couple, and we even got to see more of those other couples, but honestly for me Gabe was better.
Now we just have to wait for Nathan story.


Series in Order

#1 – Wrong Bed, Right Guy
#2 – Chasing Mrs. Right

#3 – Two Wrongs, One Right


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