Erotica Review: Lost in Bliss by Sophie Oak

Lost in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado, #4)

Lost in Bliss by Sophie Oak
 Nights in Bliss, Colorado 
Format: ebook
ISBN: 1610347315
Genre: Erotica
Release date: August 12th 2011
Number of pages: 300
Source: Amazon
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Laura Niles left her past behind. She fled Washington, DC, with her career in ruins and her love life decimated. In her desperate flight, she found a home in Bliss, Colorado. For five years, Rafe Kincaid and Cameron Briggs have searched for the only woman they’ve ever loved. The FBI agents couldn’t share her before, and it tore them apart. Now they have tracked her down, and they want answers. Why did she run? Why did she hide? Why are there so many naked people in Bliss? Laura is shocked when her former loves show up in her new home. And when they bring the full force of the FBI with them, Laura knows Bliss is in for a rough ride, because a killer has been watching and waiting for a second chance. And so have Rafe and Cam.



Bliss is a very dirty town for sure and every kinky and extra hot sexy scenes can be found there. But the worst thing is the fact dangerous situations happen almost everyday there. It’s amazing.

But I’m really liking this series so far. We can find BDSM and threesomes in all those books, but this new family was kinky before they arrived in Bliss. We’ve met Laura before in the previous book and know about her past in the FBI, but what we didn’t knew was the fact she was a victim of a serial killer and she was actually on the run.

Entering them Cam and Rafe. They all worked together in a special force and Laura made the mistake of getting it right and almost discovering the killer identity, nobody believed her, not even her lovers, so after she was taken and rescued, her only choice was to disappear.

I liked Cam better than Rafe, he’s more fun and free. Rafe is stuck in what people will think and expectations. Laura needed a time to keep her safe and these two failed on the first round but I liked how after a very disturbing conversation with Stef and the other guys from Bliss we can see them getting it right.

I liked the book and can’t wait for the next adventure.


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