Last year in August I decided to change my blog from blogger to, with thoughts about going serious and moving altogether into a hosted So at first my moving was to get settled and make the big change in 2014, not because everyone ws doing it, but I wanted something of my own. Reviewing books it’s only a hobby to me. I read way too much and after requesting some books from NetGalley and publisher, my focus changed from something easy and simple to almost a job, but this year I’m going back to my origins in two fronts:

  • my TBR pile is huge and now it’s time to focus on those oldies and good books, but also to finish those series we used to love but got a little lost in the big sea of new releases.
  • I decided to return to google and blogger, because I suffered way too much with wordpress on these few months, people say everything is better, but to me things were not so good.

I’m working on making everything okay after the big come back, since the posts have lost a little on the moving, but I’m returning to what I know and don’t hate at the moment.

Since I already have several posts scheduled for the next few days, my official move will be Sunday. After that only posts on the blogger: Book Travels