Review and Book Tour of Choices by Galia Ryan


Anna is broke. Really broke. Credit cards maxed out. Store cards, too. She can’t make her repayments and there’s nowhere to turn.
Educated, intelligent, and—until recently—upwardly mobile, Anna is forced to make a choice. Sink or swim. And swimming means finding a part-time job to complement her full-time career. One that would pay enough to get her head above water. Except that part-time jobs don’t pay. Usually.
Drawn into the sordid world of private escorts, Anna discovers there is little she won’t do for money, lots and lots of money. She even starts to enjoy the sex. Until she meets an unusually seductive client who introduces her to the world of Dominance and submission. Then everything changes.

Title: Choices
Author: Galia Ryan
Series: Luxuria Trilogy
Publisher:  Fanny Press
Format: ebook from author for review 
Genre: Erotica
Release date: October 15th 2012
Number of pages: 194
This year I’ve discovered a love for erotica and BDSM on books, and after reading the summary for this book I was hooked to Anna’s life. It’s not some fairy tale, but it’s really different and at the same point so true.
Anna is a lovely and normal twenty-eight with some money problems, most of them related to the economy and how expensive things became, but after some juggling and very tired of trying to find a regular waitress job, she took a serious decision and joined an escort house.
Everything is very blunt on the book and I discovered Anna is a very smart girl, because she learned fast how to separate her life from her job and became really good at the point were she was rewarded by some of her clients.
But my only problem with the book was the BDSM lifestyle she became wrapped up, because it was unexpected and she was left unsatisfied. It’s strange in these sorts of relationship, because the Dom is usually more worried about his submissive and she wasn’t’ a sadist. So I didn’t get it her satisfaction on this strange arrangement.
I liked the book and how much Anna was affected by her decisions and we got a clear view of everything happening at all time.


Convent educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and ‘outside the square.’ Originally from Sussex, England and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. CHOICES is her first novel, and the first of a trilogy. SECRETS and LIES will be published by Fanny Press in 2013. You can find Galia on the Web at


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